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sad alex & mike. – “One That Got Away” Review: Regrets, What Ifs, and Broken Hearts

Artwork for sad alex and mike's new single One That Got Away

Time to schedule a good cry session… Up and coming singer-songwriter sad alex teamed up with mike. to release what could be the saddest song I’ve heard all year titled “One That Got Away.” A somber, lullaby quality track filled with regrets, what-ifs, and the truth of just how much love hurts. Or, as sad alex would put it herself, “this is a really personal one for me about how some of my old habits maybe pushed someone away or prevented something from becoming something more.”

There’s no doubt that “One That Got Away” is an absolute heartbreaker of a song. But, is sad alex’s “sad girl” persona washed up before she truly takes flight and becomes a glowing star in the dark hellscape of space? Let’s find out.

The Review

“Can’t remember why I thought it was a good idea to lose ya/And I don’t know if it’d be different if I had done things different,” these lyrics are cutting me like fire on ice… I wasn’t lying when I said it was time for a good cry session. “One That Got Away” will pull at heartstrings, remind listeners of past flames, and force an encounter with one’s faults that many might not like the reflection looking back at them.

Lyrically, sad alex’s latest single featuring mike. is a tough one. Touching on subjects about self-reflection, lonely nights, and utter sadness. I know, “Maybe if I played a little bit harder to get/Maybe if I drank a little bit of water instead of using you/Tried a little bit harder to stay,” will be with me on and off again throughout the year. I haven’t felt like crying this much since I listened to FLETCHER’s heartbreaking “About You.” This is a good one.

The inclusion of mike. on the track helps break down the tune’s somberness as he brings the fire to this rain party. Creating flair and self-doubt in one fell swoop, “Didn’t think that I could feel it in my heart again,” is a simple mood. But, a mood that many feel, and this track captures those feelings with ease.

Instrumentally, “One That Got Away” isn’t particularly anything special. But, it’s the somber and simple beats that dance around sad alex and mike’s glowing melodies that truly take this one to the stars. The chorus towards the track’s second half, in particular, gets me choked up, as the build-up is beautiful, and the execution of more thematic and larger-than-life instrumentals takes over and will help listeners shed one more tear before the track closes out into the darkness of our desires and regrets.

Wrapping Up

A straight banger. A sad tune, but a banger no less. “One That Got Away” showcases sad alex at her best. The singer-songwriter’s latest release is raw, broken, depressing, and real. Something many in the pop scene can’t say they know how to showcase properly. But, here we have sad alex utilizing her emotions as a weapon for self-reflection and emotional change. “One That Got Away” is a beautiful track that I can only see getting bigger as more discover it.

If you’d like to cry, even more, check out sad alex’s acoustic rendition over on her Instagram. It’s even more beautiful and features a cat! Also, if you want to explore the inner mind of sad alex further, you can check out everything she’s doing on YouTube. On the flip side, if you want more of mike. you can also check out his YouTube channel, which is filled with banger tracks.

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