Single artwork for Kait Warner's debut single, "Over Again."

Kait Warner – “Over Again” Review: A Refreshing Art-Pop Adventure

Singer-songwriter Kait Warner impresses with her debut single, "Over Again." A delightful art-pop track that's easily memorable.

Singer-songwriter Kait Warner is bringing her “twee-haw” tunes from New York City to the masses via her debut single, “Over Again.” As a lifelong choral musician, Kait Warner is hoping her ’60s art-pop style of music is enough to garner attention and propel her to new heights.

But is the world ready for Kait Warner’s unique take on the pop genre? Or is her unique soundscape too broad to make a lasting impression? Let’s find out.

With her airy vocal delivery, Kait Warner quickly whisks the senses on an otherworldly adventure of supreme bliss. Keeping true to her art-pop music styling, “Over Again” features an array of differing instrumental sounds that help to signal the track’s overall themes, both complex and simplified.

Listeners will quickly find themselves lost in the melodies and tones provided by Kait Warner as her briskly sweet vocals overpower the mind, leaving behind a memory filled with memorable lyrics easily glued to the hippocampus.

“Over Again” proves not to be your average musical experience as the track’s inner mazes twist and turn beyond belief, creating an exceptionally refreshing wave of calm blasted against the track’s heavier themes.

Kait Warner managed to take me out of my stressful haze for a little over 3-minutes, as I got lost in her lyrics with every re-listen. “Over Again” is a refreshing experience that excites me for whatever this rising star has planned for the rest of 2023.

So, does Kait Warner’s debut single leave a lasting impression? I want to think so, as I’ve already given the track a handful of repeat listens and only see that number climbing higher as the months drag on.

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