Promo photo of World's First Cinema for their new single, "Palm Reader."

World’s First Cinema Enchants With New Single, “Palm Reader”

World's First Cinema brings the silver screen to the pop world with their new single, "Palm Reader."

Capturing the remnants of Hollywood’s golden era, World’s First Cinema enchants the mind with their new single, “Palm Reader.” A soft-sung anthem wrapped in large themes and explosive exposition.

On the creation of their new single, the duo shares, “Writing “Palm Reader” was an opportunity to paint the elements we love most into a dramatic portrait. We’ll take every chance we get to breathe a “cinematic” moment into a modern piece of music – and the chorus of “Palm Reader” is one we’re proud of.

That sweeping moment when the orchestra rises up to blend with the electronic production and the two worlds of film scoring and pop music collide and crystallize – that’s what we want people to expect from World’s First Cinema.

“Palm Reader” certainly grasps at the senses like the flickering of a film projector, creating an escape for the mind that perfectly melts both sensations into one for a one-of-a-kind experience and a song many will not forget.

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