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Tyler Posey Releases Music Video For His Emotional Single “Past Life”

Tyler Posey brightens up his new single "Past Life" with a colorful new music video that shines on the artists' lower moments in life.

Tyler Posey has revealed the new music video for his latest single, “Past Life.” Directed and edited by himself, the new music video is a vibrant backdrop for the track’s depressive and all-too-real revelations of one’s past life. The video’s colorful palate choice is easy on the eyes and doesn’t direct viewers away from the track itself, which tends to be an issue nowadays when it comes to modern-age music videos—a true companion piece for an already stellar piece of sound.

On today’s release, Tyler Posey shares, “I’m just thinking of more ways people can just have fun with what I put out and drown out the bullshit of everything else. This video is just supposed to make you smile. I’m really gonna try to keep that theme going.”

On “Past Life” itself, which premiered originally on The Kevan Kenney Show on KROQ, Posy explains, “Past life is an important one for me. Maybe the most important on this very important upcoming EP. It’s about the life that sobriety has brought me and the life I had before sobriety. I air out how I ended up a drug addict and alcoholic and what inspired me to make a change and become the best me I deserved to be. I air all that out in the bridge. The bridge came to me like word vomit, and every line is emotional and vividly tells my story in a fucking dope creative way. It’s also my girlfriend’s favorite song on the EP. I hope you enjoy it.”

Tyler Posey will be hitting the road soon with Mod Sun and girlfriends on the Internet Killed The Rockstar Tour, and you can check out tour dates for that. Just be quick on getting tickets, as this tour is selling out pretty quickly. I know I can’t wait to catch the show at The Roxy on September 9th.

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