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ANFIEE – “Pressure” Review: A Soulful Look At Life’s Pressures

Artwork for ANFIEE's new single "Pressure."

Aren’t debut singles an exciting sight? They certainly are, especially when they belong to a pretty chill friend. This is the case with Norwegian artist ANFIEE and her debut single, “Pressure.”

When it comes to this soulful look at the many pressures of life, ANFIEE explains that her debut single “paints a picture of my struggle with anxiety.” Something she hopes to make easier to talk about through the power of her music.

Well, does “Pressure” manage to achieve the first step in making ANFIEE’s approach at making it a social norm to talk about life’s societal issues and mental health in general? Let’s find out.

The Review

Instrumentally, “Pressure” wastes little time creating a smoke-filled theatrical scene to backdrop ANFIEE’s outstanding vocal range. Painting a clear-cut image of inner anxiety, “Pressure” displays in full force a soulful take on life’s various hardships.

Lyrically, ANFIEE’s debut single is powerful. I could hear the rusted pain coming through this talented vocalist’s vocal cords as she powered through; “Will this end?/This pressure is so inhumane.” “Pressure” is both a beautifully tragic masterpiece and a hopeful conversation starter that opens doors to many conversations to come.

Not usually my bread and butter when it comes to music. But, “Pressure” presents itself as a relaxing time that I could see myself replaying again in the future. Listeners of coffee shop blues will feel right at home as ANFIEE finds her voice in this big music world. “Pressure” is certainly a good place to start.

Wrapping Up

This strong-willed 24-year-old Norwegian artist is clearly going places, and if “Pressure” is just a taste of what’s to come, you can count me madly excited. I can’t wait to hear more from ANFIEE and her talented instrumentalists.

If you’d like to keep up with everything ANFIEE has going on, you can do so by heading to her official website. Alternatively, you can also hang out with lyricist Amalie Eldnes over on her Twitch channel. It’s a fun and friendly place to be.

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