Gwyn Love releases final single with La+ch, "pttrn."

Gwyn Love Wraps Up La+ch Collab With Emotional New Song “pttrn”

We caught up with genre-bending artist Gwyn Love to chat about their latest collaboration with Toronto producer La+ch, "pttrn."

Genre-defying artist Gwyn Love has been on a roll this year with their collaboration with Toronto-based producer La+ch. Rounding up this collaboration, Gwyn Love and La+ch unleash the emotionally charged track, “pttrn.”

This was one of our top three favorite songs that La+ch and I made together. This song is emotional for me. This was the breaking point and the realization that no matter what I did, I couldn’t break the pattern of cheating that had happened with the people before and now me. He swore he could never do that to me, but in the end, the pattern continued. I knew it was time for me to leave and quit hoping I could fix it some how.

Gwyn Love on new song, “pttrn.”

Gwyn Love and La+ch’s latest song is powerfully themed and emotionally broken while showcasing a strong individual who has moved on from a heartbreaking relationship scenario.

Gwyn Love took some time out of their schedule to answer a few questions of mine as we wanted to know a little bit more about their emotional new track, “pttrn,” and how they go about putting together a song with such strong themes.

Your new single, “pttrn,” is quite the song. You and La+ch hit it out of the park with this one. How has it been like working with someone like La+ch? What are the ins and outs?

I love working with la+ch; he’s an incredible producer, writer, and beatmaker. Usually, I write a song or bring in a pretty close friend to finish the idea, and we go from there. It’s always us just vibing and having a good time with no pressure at all.

“pttrn” is for sure a vibe that presents some serious themes to your listeners that could be highly relatable. What do you hope your listeners or anyone that gives “pttrn” a spin takes away from their time with the track?

I genuinely don’t hope people relate, but I know that they will. I think we all, at one time or another, have really hoped someone would change for us and be better for us; a lot of times, people never change, and it’s hard to finally give up, quit fighting for someone who won’t fight for you, and walk away.

Your previous singles with La+ch take on different genre cues, which sets them apart from a song like “pttrn,” which is refreshing as a lover of experimental sound. You show off your love for different sounds and genres. While working on this latest batch of songs, did you already have genre-bending in mind? Or were you more like, “fuck it” when it came to not sticking to one genre?

Honestly, I’m more like, “fuck it” when it comes to writing at this point. I have a lot of genres that inspire me and influence me. If I forced myself to remain in one genre, I think it would start to feel like work, not art. It wouldn’t feel like I was truly sharing my heart.

Regarding “pttrn,” which string of lyrics is your absolute favorite? And why? Mine would have to be, “call me crazy cause I cared about us.” There’s a lot of story being told in this one string that makes it so great.

“Don’t talk about that it’s in the past.” 

I’m now realizing the reason he would make me feel awful about asking questions about his past relationships and his history with cheating, and how he has grown from that. he was cheating on me. 

You’ve routinely mentioned your love for the pop-punk genre. Who are the top five pop-punk artists you’d love to work with? Whether that be you featuring on one of their tracks or vice-versa.

I’d love to work with Joshua Ramsay from Mariana’s Trench, The Summer Set, The All American Rejects, Avril Lavigne, and The Wrecks.

When it comes to this latest release of singles, is there anything you’ve changed when it comes to your songwriting process compared to a few years ago with your debut release, “never have to see u again?”

Yeah, I think I’ve become a little more experimental and more honest with my lyrics.

On an emotional level, how did it feel to create a song like “pttrn?”

The hard part is every time I hear this song, I picture me at my keyboard writing this song while crying and literally feeling like I was dying; it hurt so badly. It hurt so badly to be writing this song, and it hurt that I needed to write it; it hurt saying those things out loud. It hurt to reflect, and it hurt to look back, knowing everything was a lie. It hurt showing him this song and him saying he liked it. 

Before this final question, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to answer these few questions. “pttrn” is a great track that I think many will fall in love with. So, with that said, it has been mentioned this is your final track (in this series) with La+ch. So, what does Gwyn Love have planned next? Maybe some live shows in the near future?

I actually have a rehearsal this week for live shows, and I am absolutely stoked. I have a collection of songs coming out early next year that I am also really excited about. I think I’m gonna focus more on live shows for the time being, but I stay writing. 

It’s great to hear that Gwyn Love has been actively gearing up for an onslaught of live performances, as their songs should be a fun experience in that medium. I also look forward to hearing whatever they have planned for early 2023.

Gwyn Love is an artist to watch out for, as their genre-bending skillset sets them apart from anyone else in their lane.

If you want to keep the emotional party going, you can take Gwyn Love and La+ch’s latest release, “pttrn,” with you by streaming the track on Spotify and Apple Music.

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