Artwork for Ekoh's latest single, "21ST CENTURY MELTDOWN"

Ekoh – “21ST CENTURY MELTDOWN” Review: Are You Okay Yet?

Alt-rapper Ekoh is hitting it hard with his latest single, "21ST CENTURY MELTDOWN." A look at the mundane and modern.

I’ve never liked someone’s music this fast from a sponsored Instagram story. Still, Ekoh hit differently, and his latest single, “21ST CENTURY MELTDOWN,” had my head spinning for hours with all the random crap we think we care about in today’s modern life. Ekoh’s been hustling lately, putting out earworm after earworm, from his melodically dark “FENTANYL” to his emotional remix of “where’d you go,” this dude’s got my emotions in a frenzy, and I’m not even mad about it.

But is “21ST CENTURY MELTDOWN” the end of the road for Ekoh’s banging year thus far? Or is this Las Vegas-based rapper just starting to get his flow going, unlocking mental roadblocks for his growing fanbase? Let’s find out.

Geared with a simplistic set of string plucks from a few choice chord progressions and mature low rhythm beats, Ekoh takes a deep trip into the inner workings of our modern society, singing; “just passing the time/locked in a screen/look at the likes/I’m living the dream,” to a more reflective “I don’t trust/anyone/it fucking sucking.” “21ST CENTURY MELTDOWN” is an amazingly in-depth look into the mind of an emerging artist who’s also not afraid to show the bad with the good. It’s all fairytales until it’s not.

Ekoh’s natural approach to his latest single is a marvelous view behind the eyes of just passing the time, not knowing what’s coming next, while pushing through the mundane motions and repetitiveness of life. Creating a more somber experience, this go-around, “21ST CENTURY MELTDOWN,” had me hooked from beginning to end, through the eventual onslaught of repeat listening.

The track’s low-level nature had me vibing through my mental gymnastics. I quickly began humming the track’s backbone melodies throughout my daily routine as my subconscious sang aloud to me, “cheer up/it’s all okay.”

You’ll find no significant chorus progressions within “21ST CENTURY MELTDOWN.” So, if that’s your thing, give some of Ekoh’s other tracks a play-through. But, if you’re open to exploring your insecurities and approaching your life with open eyes, Ekoh’s latest single is right up your aux cable. A particularly subtle alternative experience that doesn’t find Ekoh moving away from his roots too heavily that I’ll have on repeat until his next release.

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