Artwork for HADEE.'s debut single, "4AM."

HADEE. – “4AM” Review: Sound Of The 80s For A New Generation

South Florida pop-rocker HADEE. is bringing 80s synth-pop to the modern-day with his debut single, "4AM." An upbeat mix of sounds.

South Florida alt-pop rocker HADEE. wants to take listeners back to the flair of the 1980s with his debut single, “4AM.” Inspired by the 80s great Billy Idol and the glam explosion of David Bowie, HADEE.’s brand of pop-rock takes further influence from hard-hitters The Killers and Walk The Moon, to name a few, to create an 80s implosion that he can call his own.

Described as a track that explores letting go of one’s inhibitions, HADEE. further explains why he wanted to write a track like “4AM,” stating, “I find that too many give in to overthinking rather than embracing spontaneity. Life presents itself as endless crossroads. Knowing when to go is what you have to decide. If you take too long, you might just miss your ride.” Some pretty big themes are being presented within HADEE.’s debut release. But has this South Floridian already missed his shot to the moon? Let’s find out.

“4AM” will instantly send listeners into a dance trance as HADEE. takes control of his spontaneous narrative in the form of a cluster of heart-pounding clap beats and intrinsic synths that’ll keep the dance floor open until 4 AM. Having listened to HADEE.’s debut single over 20 times, I can confirm that the instrumentation featured throughout “4AM” will still be wrapped around the listener’s auditory cortex for days, at the least, exclusively thanks to the track’s overly addictive riffs.

A fun, upbeat mix of sounds that’s both memorable and pleasurable to the senses is quite possibly the best introduction HADEE. could have given for his rambunctious pop-rock overhaul.

“It’s been a matter of time/why don’t we/go run away and just hide,” I can already hear clubgoers singing this one aloud. “4AM” is complemented by lyrics that don’t get lost within the overall flow of the track’s instrumentation, which is something I’ve seen a lot this year so far.

It’s a refreshing experience to see HADEE. not only come out with an enjoyable instrumental experience but also taking the time to write relatable lyrics, memorable melodies, and just a complete package of a musical experience.

HADEE. isn’t playing around as he shows his expertise to garner attention through his heart-pounding pop-rock style that’ll both hook listeners with ease and quickly see this up-and-coming player in the music industry grab the stars in no time at all.

Consider me a fan of HADEE. and his brand of pop-rock that successfully mixes both nostalgic flair with modern strokes. “4AM” has a permanent place on my repeat playlist as I can’t see myself not listening to HADEE.’s debut single throughout the summer season. A fun pop-rock tune that genuinely has me wanting to take a few more spontaneous leaps myself is enough to answer my previous question if this South Florida-based artist had already missed his moment in the spotlight.

If HADEE. has even more baking in the oven, I can’t see him going anywhere but up.

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