Artwork for Darro's latest single "All Be Lost."

Darro – “All Be Lost” Review: Keeping Your Head Up

Pop-punk sad boy Darro is back with his latest release, "All Be Lost." A song to help keep your head up in the darkness.

Brooklyn-based pop-punk hopeful Darro is back with yet another taste of his sad, sad world with his latest single, “All Be Lost,” the newest track released from his upcoming full-length album, Accidents. “All Be Lost,” tells the personal story of Darro Chea’s bout with darkness and the bleak reality of not fully knowing where his life was headed. As Darro describes the track, “I wrote this to basically pump myself and to be reminded that we are all needed in this world.”

A valiant reason to write music. But is Darro’s personal battle with the demons within trapped in the bottomless hell of his lyrics? Or, does Darro fail at keeping his head above the roses? Let’s find out.

Jumping right into the mix, Darro belts out an emotional line of despair, “I was so sick and tired of being myself,” before quickly turning the tides on his inner void and letting out a powerful, “But I’ve been searching for some time/And then I realized I’m alive.” A dash of personal doubt that’ll grab listeners within seconds as they quickly learn the lyrics before wrapping up their second or third listen. Darro’s open-book personality allows his fans inside his mindset to help both sides feel the incredible power of music to stitch inner wounds.

Instrumentally, Darro continues to pump out a tremendous onslaught of powerful chord progressions that intertwine with the presented narrative. Keeping my attention from start to finish, I instantly wanted more from this pop-punk star in the making, quickly jumping from “All Be Lost” to the other impressive tracks found on his Spotify page. “All Be Lost” is a beautiful standalone experience, but its power shines when presented alongside the other tracks featured on his upcoming album, Accidents.

Darro might be tangled up in his loose ends from time to time. But, one thing is for sure; he’ll never be tangled up when it comes to pushing out great releases that’ll keep listeners thinking deeply about their own experiences.

Darro’s latest track, “All Be Lost,” is up there with some of his best for his handling of mental health when it comes to the downpours life will throw your way and the courage to continue to see the light through the greyed-colored skies. Darro continues to cement his place in the pop-punk world, and I’m always eager to hear what’s next from this talented mind in the world of sound.

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