Single artwork for The Attire’s latest single, “Sriracha,” featuring Woosung

The Attire – “Sriracha” Review: Pop Duo Partners With Woosung To Unleash Spicy Summer Hit

Los Angeles-based pop duo The Attire has teamed up with rising Korean sensation Woosung of The Rose to unleash your new fiery Summer theme, "Sriracha.” But, just how good is it? Find out in our review.

Rising Los Angeles pop duo The Attire is ready to set the city skyline on fire with their latest single, “Sriracha.” A fun, dance-filled track that’ll have listeners dancing within seconds. The self-produced groove-making experience also features The Rose frontman, Woosung.

Following the band’s viral hits “Naked” and “Girls Like You.” The Attire is hoping to have another quick hit on their hands. But is “Sriracha” the new latest and greatest for the pop duo? Or, is their time quickly coming to an end? Let’s find out.

“I’ll bring disco back to life.” This string of lyrics showcases and sums up the overall vibe and danceaholic attitude The Attire’s latest fiery new single, “Sriracha,” brings to the table. Full of fun and no cares in the world.

“Sriracha” is a fun, earworm-inducing pop masterpiece that’s finding its way onto the airwaves a little late into the Summer but not too late to not become the hottest song on your Summer soundtrack.

The Attire’s new single will have listeners vibing the moment vocalist Greg Shilling chimes in with his infectious vocal styling and Stephan Santa Teresa’s hot and spicy beats that quickly bring “Sriracha’s” 9 to a flame-broiled 11. Listeners should have their dance shoes ready with this one. “Sriracha” also includes the smooth stylings of The Rose frontman Woosung who shares his flirtatious melodies and encapsulating personality bringing The Attire’s hotness level to scorching.

“Sriracha” brings a sense of fun to the hot Summer season. I can certainly see this one being replayed throughout the next few months as parties begin, workouts ensue, and the hot flirty nights carry on.

Is The Attire bringing disco back to life as their latest single proclaims? Maybe not the type of disco you’re used to, but the fun-filled dance parties of yesteryear are certainly bound to return if “Sriracha” pops its catchy head into the playlist. And if you’re not constantly replaying the catchy single, you’re certainly not wanting to enjoy your time in the sun.

Me, however. I still have this one on repeat, and I’m going to enjoy my time touching the grass and dancing my way through the day.

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