Single artwork for Hannah Brier's latest single, "Boy on the Internet"

Hannah Brier – “Boy On The Internet” Review: Swipe Life

Hannah Brier's taking you on a trip through her swipe life with her latest release, "Boy on the Internet." A fun and bubbly pop experience.

Who is Hannah Brier? I have absolutely no idea, but her latest release, “Boy on the Internet,” is slowly taking up residency in my head. A bottle of cringe, a dash of earworm pop beats, and soulful vocals will keep the infectious track replaying before you realize you’ve just listened to it for a couple of hours.

But is “Boy on the Internet” worth putting your auditory cortex through earworm gymnastics? Or is Hannah Brier’s latest release the style of upbeat pop the genre has been missing? Let’s find out.

“Boy on the Internet” gives listeners zero chance of escape from the tantalizing upbeat attitude telling a history of different swipe experiences, “I met a boy on the internet/he works in TV and loves to drink tea,” pretty much the crux of the track as we’re taken along for the ride as Hannah Brier exhausts her Cinderella experience.

Far from the usual pop music flair, Hannah Brier manages to encapsulate a sound from the ’80s with her rainbow-tinged synths while invoking Amanda Markley’s “First Class Kiss” vibes that haven’t been around since 2013. A style of pop that tends to catch me off guard but is always a delight when it pops into the conversation. I will say I’d love to hear a stripped-back acoustic rendition of the track further to highlight Hannah Brier’s unique and bright vocal melodies.

“Boy on the Internet” is a fun weekend experience that’ll keep your heart beating as you crawl through a bar with your best friends.

Hannah Brier’s sound is fun, eccentric, and rare. “Boy on the Internet” is the perfect soundtrack for your swiping experiences that’ll keep you vibing all night long as you wait for the clock to strike midnight. I’m looking forward to hearing what Hannah unleashes onto the internet next. Until then, I’m going to grab a drink.

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