Single artwork for vaultboy's latest single, "disaster"

Vaultboy – “Disaster” Review: Pop To Break Your Heart With

vaultboy is back to break your heart again with his latest single, "disaster." A sad-pop tune for those that love someone that loves to hurt.

“The way that you do damage to yourself,” the feeling knowing I’ll be replaying yet another new vaultboy track to death. This time around, it’s the sad-pop artist’s melancholy new single, “disaster.” A track that vaultboy describes as being about “someone whose problems are often self-inflicted and ends up hurting the people around them, even the people that love them.” Indeed, a tricky topic to tackle, but vaultboy is no stranger to bringing emotional issues to life through his earworm-inducing releases.

After becoming a fan of his brand of sad-pop through his self-titled EP and Eric Nam featured “everything sucks,” is “disaster” enough to keep vaultboy in speech bubbles? Or is vaultboy striking out after a huge home run lead? Let’s find out.

vaultboy instantly pulls at heartstrings with his sultry vocal melodies as he brings listeners in closer, singing, “you’re like an earthquake/where you go the ground shakes,” before being followed up by a rhymic heartbeat set of accent drum beats, filling in the dead space between vaultboy’s high notes and the track’s cinematic-style keyboard action, creating a one-of-a-kind rainstorm atmosphere that backdrops “disaster” beautifully and painfully all in one stroke.

“How you only hurt/leave everyone in the dirt” the core focal point of vaultboy’s heartbreaking chorus, feeding into a relatable territory, “all you ever cause is pain don’t know how you never change,” a string of words never broke my heart more, having dealt with the situations playing through my head as vaultboy sings sweet nothings into my psyche as memories of pain and frustration come to the forefront.

“disaster” is a beautifully broken piece of music that’ll strike down anyone who dares take a listen; an incredible display of thought-provoking lyrics and memorable instrumentation is enough to keep listeners hooked, coming back for more with each release.

Maybe it’s time to lock vaultboy back inside Vault 101 before he supplies further damage to our core emotions, as “disaster” is on track to become one of my favorite releases from this up-and-coming sad-pop mastermind. If you want to be hit even harder in the feels, you’ll want to check out vaultboy’s band performance of his latest release, which hits even harder. I’ll never understand the way vaultboy does damage.

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