Artwork for Boyu's new single, "How Is Life In Hollywood."

Boyu – “How Is Life In Hollywood” Review: Chasing A Dream

Boyu is chasing dreams with his latest single, "How Is Life In Hollywood." A fun summer vibe that'll keep you entranced all season.

Damn, Boyu is still out here dropping catchy tracks to get us all through the mundane day-to-day? There’s no stopping this dream chaser, and his latest single, “How Is Life In Hollywood,” takes listeners on a tour of his inner risk-taker mentality as he chases down sunrises, performs in the presence of skyscrapers, and continues to vibe through late-night weekends.

But, are Boyu’s mental notes to himself in the form of “How Is Life In Hollywood” enough to keep this wild dream alive? Or is this latest release the tipping point into the all too familiar pit of obscurity? Let’s find out.

“Gave up everything/paused my job and changed my name/so I could prove to you/what you told me was true,” this specific string of fairy-tale written lyrics is all one needs to read to understand the larger-than-life themes presented within Boyu’s tale of chasing down the tail end of a rainbow.

“How Is Life In Hollywood” is beautifully written, accurately expressing the fear and uncertainty that comes with letting go of one’s worries and fears and drowning in the vast cult of the ocean that comes with trading in a day job for your dreams. “Then you said don’t you be afraid of when your life’s going to end/you should be more worried it’ll never begin,” lyrics to live by in what can only be described as Boyu’s best song to date, in what should continue to be a triumphant ascension into the sun-kissed rays of Los Angeles.

Propping up Boyu’s always marvelous vocal melodies is a simplistic arrangement of sound successfully showcasing “How Is Life In Hollywood’s” “soundtrack of the summer” vibe that’ll keep listeners entranced by the track’s low hums and rhythmic synths, a perfect combination for cruising down Pacific Coast Highway in mid-July.

“How Is Life In Hollywood” should quickly become a stable within Boyu’s ongoing live performances and a track that fully sees this emerging artist reaching new heights and amassing an even bigger fanbase.

Boyu is undoubtedly far from the perimeter of obscurity if he has more tracks like “How Is Life In Hollywood” to compliment his growing catalog of earworm-inducing bangers that include “Embers of our Innocence,” “Hands Around Your Throat,” and “Flower Garden.” Boyu is perfectly riding the wave of life, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to master his sound and presence.

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