Artwork for AMAVA's new single, "Muse."

AMAVA – “Muse” Review: An Electric Playground For The Mind

Electro-tinged pop artist AMAVA is back with her new single, "Muse." A thought-provoking self-loving anthem for your emotions.

Electro-tinged pop artist AMAVA brings her unique pop anthems to the masses with her latest single, “Muse.” A track that is described as being a means to encourage listeners to reclaim their identities with confidence. With a one-of-a-kind flair for feminist anthems, AMAVA, the brainchild of Madison Slicker, wants her listeners to embark on a musical journey with her art that she describes as “music to feel to.”

When it comes to her brand of pop, the emerging artist says, “I want all of my music to sound like it takes place in a glittered, haunted house. A lot of what I write is based on how I’m feeling in that exact moment, and I’ll always want to encapsulate a very specific and certain feeling.” So, does “Muse” manage to convey a glittered, haunted house? Will listeners be encapsulated? Or does “Muse” falter like a cracked foundation? Let’s find out.

Right off the bat, AMAVA drops listeners into the nether of her electric heart, quickly rocketing into the cerebral cortex where she displays immense emotion, curating drop-after-drop of her lyrical mastery with lines such as, “I don’t like the view from the pedestal/On your high horse with you I’m getting bored/Hate this person you created,” is enough to keep listeners zoned in on the more fantastic picture presented within “Muse.”

Slicker’s otherworldly vocal melodies create an eccentric scene that’s bound to leave a lasting impression and keep listeners entertained, engaged, and questioning if they’re truly who they want to be. “I don’t want to be your muse,” the crux of AMAVA’s latest release, is easily a unique point in this growing artist’s career as she breaks barriers for herself and listeners alike.

Instrumentally, “Muse” is a ball of wunderlust. A break from the mundane musical realm into something fresh, endearing, and terrifying. To some, they’ll see a typical electric backdrop, but when combined with the track’s solid themes and overall liberating experience is when the track electronically opens up, revealing a profoundly connected world filled with emotion and self-love.

AMAVA is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, and with masterpieces like “Muse” at Madison Slicker’s disposal, she will be unstoppable in the pop world, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for that. “Muse” is emotionally connected, self-loving centric, and a powerful themed tune that’s both well written and instrumentally memorable. I’m patiently waiting with bated breath for what AMAVA has in store for listeners next.

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