Single artwork for The Prairie States' latest single, "Rebel Phase."

The Prairie States – “Rebel Phase” Review: A Nostalgic Look At Life

Canadian country-rock never sounded as good as The Prairie States' latest single, "Rebel Phase." A fun nostalgic look back at life.

Edmonton-based country-rock 5-piece The Prairie States has had quite the eventful year thus far; signing with Willing Records and releasing their latest single, “Rebel Phase,” are all things to celebrate and be proud of. I usually don’t dip my toes in the country-rock scene, but The Prairie States’ new release just had something that checked all of my boxes. Might it be the track’s larger-than-life, “leap of faith” mentality? Or, how about the song’s overarching theme of trusting your path?

When it comes to this 5-piece themselves, The Prairie States set out to reinvent and hone their country-rock connection while not breaking what isn’t broken. But, does their debut Willing Records release manage to capture these values? Or is “Rebel Phase” simply that? A phase. Let’s find out.

“I’m always going to have some cowboy in my veins,” The Prairie States zone in and release their nostalgia-based sound that’ll have country fans tossing their favorite pair of boots on for a raring time, singing back note-for-note. With a taste of eccentric pop-rock flair, “Rebel Phase” is a catchy look back at life that had me reminiscing about my life paths, questioning every step, every rock turned over, and how, in the end, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Instrumentally, “Rebel Phase” is a purely fun time that’ll keep the blood rushing to faint heartbeats, dancefloors flaring up, and the moonlight glint forever shining on when combined with the words written with the help of friends of the band Chris Yurchuck and Aaron Pollock, creating a fairytale land where all things are possible. “Still a rhinestone in the rough” never sounded this inspiring.

“Rebel Phase” has quickly found a home in my repeat playlists that’ll help me keep my settled-down mindset, longing for tomorrow’s wild and free days.

The Prairie States’ reintroduction of Canada’s country-rock sound is subtle but powerful in various ways. With a tinge of the past and a hopeful look at tomorrow, “Rebel Phase” was a pleasant surprise that has me hooked for the time being while I await their next release under Willing Records. Until next we meet, I’ll be jamming to The Prairie States and enjoying a good twist on my music tastes.

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