Single artwork for Johnning's latest single, "Said and Done."

Johnning – “Said And Done” Review: How To Break The Replay Button

Swedish electro-pop vocalist Johnning takes over EDM with his latest release, "Said and Done." A heart-pounding, electrifying dance fest for the body and mind.

Swedish electro-pop vocalist Johnning is no stranger to the EDM scene, releasing hit tracks “Heroes Tonight” with Janji, which still sits as one of NoCopyRightSounds’ most significant releases, and more recently, his otherworldly “What The Hell.” But, Johnning is taking things up a notch with his latest release, “Said and Done,” which he teamed up with cowriters Matilda Thompson and Maria Mathea, alongside producer Oliver Forsmark.

Keeping things on the pop side this time around, “Said and Done” is Johnning at his best? Or is his latest release just a flash of lightning in a bottle waiting to be forgotten? Let’s find out.

“Talking to myself/I’ve been here before,” Johnning wastes zero time upping heart rates and keeping blood flow surging. Johnning’s energetic vocal style is enough to keep listeners hooked for the criminally short runtime, keeping feet on the dance floor as “I gotta let you go go go/But it’s easier said than done” electrifies the air around, creating a flurry of emotion, sound, and overall feeling of escape and wanting.

Lyrically, “Said and Done” is straightforward and filled with tiny complexities that stimulate the senses and deep emotional connection—creating a pure electric playground with listeners singing along directly after the first click of the play button. “Said and Done” displays anxious personalities in the spotlight while keeping the general vibe in check to deploy such emotions in a playful and non-harsh reality.

It’s a fun track that’ll also not keep the kid gloves on when it comes to the inner workings of the heart and mind.

Instrumentally, I haven’t had a track this embedded in my mind in a long time. The moment I heard “Said and Done,” I knew it was something special, and I’d be singing it for the rest of the year. A fun, high-energy arrangement of sounds that’ll keep your body moving and finger inching for the replay button. It’s the slight undertones within the song’s mass overarching beats that I love the most. A lot of care went into this one, and it shows.

“Said and Done” is here to stay, and Johnning is going places fast. Yet the latest song I’ve found myself loving thanks to a random sponsored Instagram story, and I’m glad to become the newest fan of what I’m sure will quickly transform into a massive worldwide fanbase. I’m looking forward to seeing what this growing force in the EDM world has in store next, as he’s certainly not a flash of lightning in a bottle artist.

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