“Runaway” – Maggie Cassidy – Review

Maggie Cassidy, a five-piece dirty-pop band from Guildford is hoping to run away to the big leagues with the release of their latest single, “Runaway.” Named after an early Jack Kerouac novel, Maggie Cassidy is penned as being a relentless group of intelligent pop-rockers that know how to traverse the pop-rock world with immense precision. I mean, do you know any other bands that would release an official lyric video that features ASL?

But, is “Runaway” everything it’s worked up to be? Or, does Maggie Cassidy need to go back to the drawing board? After a whole bunch of real-world distractions, I finally have the answer. So, let’s find out.

The Review

If you’re looking for your next work out song, new best friend, or just a good song to lose yourself too, “Runaway” has exactly what you’re looking for. Maggie Cassidy’s energy levels are way over nine-thousand, right down to the track’s highly relatable, sing-along fueled lyrical quality. “So, runaway. I mean it, let’s getaway.” That’s what you’ll be singing for the next day or so, maybe way more. If you’re like me, it will be stuck in your head for a good week.

Instrumentally, “Runaway” sounds like a bit of Coldplay if you smashed them up against a wall filled with The Maine. It’s a very fun and genuine sound. I’ll admit, I moshed out a bit by myself throughout the house, and you’d be a liar if you said you didn’t do the same. Just saying. If you only take one thing away from your time with Maggie Cassidy’s new single, it should be the notion that this UK five-piece knows their way around their respective instruments.

“Runaway” down to its core is a song built out of love. A song that will easily help Maggie Cassidy break into the next part of their musical journey.

That Ending Though

However, “Runaway” isn’t the second coming of a pop-rock renaissance and that’s perfectly okay. What Maggie Cassidy does provide with their new single is one heck of a musical ride. A ride filled with fun moments, genuine talent, and a reminder that the pop-rock genre still has a few diamonds in the rough. I’m very much looking forward to what these five pop-rockers have up their sleeve in their very bright future.

If you’d like to give Maggie Cassidy’s new single “Runaway” a spin for yourself, it’s currently available via all major streaming services. Also, make sure to head on over to the official Maggie Cassidy website and join their growing “Club Cassidy” to keep up with everything the band has to offer.

Brandon Flores

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