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OAKMAN – ‘SCP’ Review: An Otherworldly Experience

French pop-rock trip OAKMAN has released their latest EP, 'SCP,' into the world. But is it worth your time? Find out in our review.

France-based pop-rock trio OAKMAN recently released their latest EP, SCP (Sugar-Coated Pill), via Rude Records. OAKMAN are no strangers to the scene, SCP, being the trio’s third EP, following the group’s exceptional 2018 release, Plastic World.

SCP is described as OAKMAN’s musical reflection through the last four years as they continue to define who they are as a band and their overall friendship.

But does SCP manage to showcase OAKMAN at their best, years of growth at their feet? Or is the group’s latest EP just more of the same? Let’s find out.

“Night” is an enigmatic masterpiece, creating buzzing emotions for the senses. OAKMAN’s juggernaut single has amassed over 100k streams on Spotify alone, and I only see that number growing like a raging wildfire.

“So let me dance tonight/I want to feel that vibe/Before I close my eyes,” such a remarkable string of words represents what OAKMAN is trying to achieve with SCP.

“Night” is a fun-filled musical experience with listeners singing along, dancing the night away as imaginary fireworks light up the sky. Instrumentally, “Night” will get the heart pumping and has proven to be a fantastic ally during an intense workout.

“Murder” is like an infectious disease. Once the track’s blood-rush instrumentals enter your psyche, you’ve already lost. After that point, the only thing on your mind is how good OAKMAN is at cementing themselves at the forefront of your auditory cortex.

“Deep in my thoughts/I murder you, for once.” Who knew a track with such deep themes could moonlight as a hard-hitting club fan favorite? Vocalist Marine hits it out of the park with “Murder,” creating an onslaught of unforgettable melodies that further help SCP climb the limelight ladder.

Bassist Geremia and drummer Jesse help Marine’s crazily addictive vocal cues hit new highs by providing an exceptional backbone for the catchy masterpiece and showcasing the group’s fantastic chemistry when pushing through sound together.

“Murder” proves OAKMAN is a force in the pop-rock world that shouldn’t be reckoned with.

“Fantasy” is a fun mix between “Night” and “Murder,” continuing the catchy vibes so far present throughout SCP. If OAKMAN’s goal with SCP was to keep listeners dancing the night away, they’ve succeeded immensely as “Fantasy” continues to keep listeners up in the clouds dancing around each melody and strum of the guitar thrown their way.

The third track off SCP has much to prove, coming after such impressive tracks. But, OAKMAN doesn’t fret as “Fantasy” quickly proves it can stand on its own two feet.

“Do you want to move on?/Do you want to go on?/It is now or never/Come on and sing along with us.” The lyrical quality of “Fantasy” is out of this world! This is how you write a catchy, fun-filled song with a strong message.

If anything, “Fantasy” proves that you push a band like OAKMAN with a release like SCP to the ends of the earth and watch that push shower you in stars.

“You’re my sugar-coated pill from now.” A track about wanting to keep someone around while walking the fine line of things not going the way you have planned out in your mind. “SCP” tackles the themes of co-dependency perfectly in the form of a catchy three-minute pop song that listeners will be singing till their lungs give out.

“SCP” continues the incredible soundscape featured throughout the EP effortlessly, creating a perfect fusion between itself and what has come before, as if the entirety of SCP is one consecutive piece of music with no breaks.

Title tracks have never been my jam, but when it comes to OAKMAN’s “SCP,” this is a title track done right. It’s not cringy, self-loving, or annoying to the point of wanting to hit the skip button.

A title track filled with immense energy, relatable lyrics, and instrumentals to keep you going throughout the day. What else could a music lover want?

“Lucky Charm” features a bass line worthy of a wet dream. The sensation of it vibrating throughout my ears was enough to ensure “Lucky Charm” became the best track I’ve heard this year.

Don’t even get me started on the fact I’ve had the lyric, “I am just a grown-up kid,” stuck in my head since I began to write this review all weekend. “Lucky Charm” has terrific lyrics, sensational instrumentals that will hit your very being, and incredible vocal work that will drag tears out of your tear duct.

“Lucky Charm” might not be for everyone as it shuffles the high-energy antics featured throughout SCP for a more mellow experience that hits on emotion like a bat to a ball. But, the raw emotion featured throughout the almost four-minute run time had me hooked after my first listen.

I can only imagine how a track like this will hit in a live setting.

When jumping into the final track on SCP, my first take was, “crap, it’s over already?” My wanting for more from this fantastic group of musicians was at an all-time high, and “All The Way Up” ensured listeners were sent off with good vibes and an enjoyable time.

The track’s infectious use of the song’s title as the lead chorus was executed perfectly. I can see “All The Way Up” becoming an amazing nightclub experience during Emo Nite as the floor erupts like a glitter volcano.

Bookending alongside “Night,” “All The Way Up” was the perfect choice to close things out for an exceptionally out-of-this-world musical experience that is uniquely OAKMAN.

SCP is an otherworldly musical experience. A vibrating hit to my emotions as OAKMAN tackled a series of mature themes in a sugar-coated pill, easy enough to swallow, wanting more in the process. OAKMAN’s latest EP showcases these pop-rockers at their best, creating a unique flavor of sound that will keep listeners questioning and filled with high energy.

With the release of SCP, OAKMAN proves they’re not the same band they were before. And I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for this fantastic trio.

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