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“Signing Out” – Darro – Review

Ready to be completely gut-punched straight into your feels? Darro’s got you with his latest pop-rock masterpiece, “Signing Out.” Darro’s newest tune is described as being about the “anxiety and gut-wrenching feeling of discovering it might end.” For those who don’t quite know Darro, he’s a complete a-hole who makes decent-sounding music…

All jokes aside, Darro is an up and coming musician who suffered from an unexpected surprise in the form of a brain tumor and managed to kick its ass and bring the world his dance-hall jam like tunes, for example, “Signing Out,” which takes its raw emotion from Darro’s world-ending discovery.

But, is “Signing Out” the masterpiece I just claimed it to be? Or is it all just a joke to spare a man’s feelings? Let’s find out.

The Review

A true to form nightmare scenario turned into a flourishing real-life experience transformed into a bopping pop-rock eargasm of a time.

Darro brings passion, emotion, and all the electrifying riffs one would expect from a classic pop-rock tune. A thrilling time that will result in late-night sing-alongs as you shout the fearful lyrics, “I don’t know if it ends here. I hope I end up somewhere.”

A beautifully put-together track that leaves me wanting more and having had the pleasure of hearing some of what’s to come, “Signing Out” is just an overall death-defying launchpad for what’s next.

“Signing Out” is a rollercoaster ride that will leave you hanging on each vocal note, each beat of the drum, each echo of a bass line, and each speed dash of the track’s glowing yet simple riffs. A great listening experience all around.

Wrapping Up

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Darro’s “Signing Out” has quickly become a song I know I will have on repeat through these upcoming hot Southern California summer nights. It’s just bound to happen that way, and that’s fine.

From a catchy riff to even catchier lyrics, Darro’s music career is just getting started. If he can manage to push out, even more, banging tracks like “Signing Out” and the others I’ve already listened to, he’ll be packing concert halls around the world in no time.

If you’d like to keep tabs on Darro or you want to let him know how much you enjoyed or hated “Signing Out,” you can do so by heading over to his official website and connecting with him through any of his social media accounts.

Brandon Flores

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