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jxdn – “Sober” Review: Embracing A New Era

Energetic hype man jxdn is ready for a new era of himself with his new single, "Sober." Is it worth a listen? Find out in our review.

Damn, jxdn is a busy guy, performing at this year’s When We Were Young festival, a handful of club shows, and an upcoming set of dates in Australia. Among all of this, jxdn has also dropped his new single, “Sober.”

This is the beginning of a new era for myself. This song doesn’t sound like the next, and the one after sounds different too. I’m making music for everyone now. You don’t have to be ready, because I already am.

jxdn on his new single, “Sober,” and upcoming releases.

The man behind the jxdn mask, Jaden Hossler, also claims his new single reminds people about the empowering feeling music can have on listeners. So, does “Sober” manage to come across as such? Or is jxdn’s new single a clean-cut flop? Let’s find out.

“Sober,” when compared to jxdn’s debut album, Tell Me About Tomorrow, is a bit of a departure but doesn’t lose the intimate experience listeners have come to enjoy about journeying into the mindscape of a storyteller like Jaden Hossler; unfiltered, relatable, and full of unmatched emotional energy.

jxdn’s latest single continues the artist’s trend of catchy pop-rock while utilizing the genre like a live journal for his emotions and personal journey while showcasing his fun side and “let go” attitude.

“Sober” keeps things simple with a mind-melting assortment of guitar riffs that will keep listeners dancing to the beat and feeling alive while effortlessly singing along to each lyric flowing their way. I still have “you never hit me when you’re sober/It’s already over” stuck in my head.

“Sober” in practice is more simplified than any of the tracks featured on jxdn’s debut release but never loses the charm jxdn brings to the table, tackling relatable themes and the treatment of listeners like real human beings instead of just another stream number. “Sober,” continues Jaden Hossler treating his fans like family.

“Sober” is far from a clear-cut flop and showcases jxdn’s ability to evolve his sound while not completely losing touch with what fans want to hear, and it has me anxiously excited to hear what his next single will have in store.

Having the pleasure to have heard “Sober” live during the When We Were Young festival, I’m left with an abundance of energy provided by the single that keeps me jumping and feeling youthful. This sentiment is one many at the show who had no idea who jxdn even was shared amongst their groups. Fans should have no issues replaying the track an unhealthy amount of times… Like myself.

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