“Some Kind Of Disaster” – All Time Low – Review

All Time Low is coming into the year 2020 filled with sunshine and high notes with their new standalone single, “Some Kind Of Disaster.” All Time Low’s new tune follows in the footsteps of the band’s recent live recording of It’s Still Nothing Personal: A Ten Year Tribute, which also saw the band embark on a fun-filled set of shows celebrating the 2009 released album.

But, will the band’s new sun-drenched single help their ascension into greatness? Or, does it fly too close to the sun? Let’s find out.

The Review

“I’ll just keep singing on and on and on,” is what you’ll be doing almost instantly thanks to All Time Low’s latest ear-worm inducing single. “Some Kind Of Disaster,” perfects the medium of a catchy traditional pop song while continuing the band’s fast-paced nature of yesteryear.

What sounds like a mad experiment of sound, combining a little from each era of All Time Low quickly culminates into one of the catchiest songs the band has come to create. It’s almost on par with making the perfect cup of coffee. Instrumentally, “Some Kind Of Disaster” doesn’t sound all too different than your usual All Time Low affair, but it’s the song’s bright notes and happy-go-lucky sounding instrumentals that help propel the standalone single to the stars.

Lyrically, All Time Low’s new tune is filled with thought-provoking poetry, for example; “I never knew how much it would hurt to feel,” a direct emotion many have come to feel, which leads into my other favorite lyric featured in the track; “you gotta hurt sometimes to learn to heal,” a lesson many come to learn as they get older. “Some Kind Of Disaster” is the perfect mix of happy and sad rolled up into one bright spot of a pop-punk song.

“Some Kind Of Disaster” is catchy, all over the place, and simply a fun-filled time. Everything, I love about All Time Low.

That Ending Though


All Time Low continues to impress me as time goes on, and “Some Kind Of Disaster” is no different. A standalone single that manages to showcase so much promise in what will hopefully blossom into a new album sometime this year, borrowing the band’s bright-noted sound. Overall, a fun song that I’ll likely continue to have on repeat until the boys release another one.

Also, if you’re interested in keeping tabs on All Time Low make sure to head on over to their official website for future tour dates, merch, and more. While you’re there, make sure to also check out the band’s music video for “Some Kind Of Disaster,” directed by Lewis Cater.

Brandon Flores

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