Single artwork for Boys World's latest single, "Something In The Water."

Boys World – “Something In The Water” Review: Taking The Pop World By Storm

There's a new girl group dominating the pop scene. Girls World has released their latest single, "Something In The Water." But, should you waste your time? Let's find out.

Who is Boys World? According to the interwebs, Boys World is considered TikTok’s favorite girl group. A group of artists made up of members Olivia, Elana, Queenie, Lillian, and Makhyli who took the social networking platform by storm with their hit, “Wingman,” back at the beginning of the year.

Well, they’re back to do it all again, this time with their latest single, “Something In The Water.” A straight-to-the-point, danceable pop hit in the making that is apparently bound to make listeners dance wherever they might be.

So, is Boys World the next big thing to come into contact with the pop world? Or, will these talented women falter if they ever come face to face with the manipulative underside of Hollywood entertainment companies. Let’s find out.

The Review

A song about pure Summer bliss, “Something In The Water,” will have listeners turning their heads instantly as Boys World sets the scene for a classic teen movie. The usual Summer style beats are present, but what sets Boys World apart from the other girl groups around are their highly relatable lyrics. “I’m not dead/But this right here is heaven.” There’s just something about these strings of words that have me feeling my inner heart flutter for the crazy Summer heat.

“Something In The Water” is all about getting listeners moving, grooving, and just feeling the notes being introduced to their ear canals. I can already image troves of teens and young adults singing, “I don’t know about forever, but I know about tonight,” to themselves, quite possibly with a brush in hand in place of a microphone staring at themselves straight into the mirror. I know I wanted to dance right out of my chair the moment that blissful chorus kicked in.

The extent of my girl group knowledge might be as far as Kpop groups BLACKPINK, Girl’s Generation, and Twice to name a few. And while I don’t think Boys World is at the caliber of these phenomenal girl groups yet. They are certainly on their way along that path, and their spotlight is bright, ready for them to take the airwaves by storm. In terms of English-speaking girl groups, Boys World might as well already be at the top.

If these talented young artists have more tunes like “Something In The Water,” I clear as day see them navigate amazingly through the seedy underbelly that tends to rile its head in when girl groups hit the scene. A crappy practice, but these performers have things covered. So, as their latest single states, “I’m always lost in the lights/Don’t gotta stop if the sun never comes.”

Wrapping Up

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I might not know much about the inner workings of Boys World. But I know these five talented creators know how to keep the blood pumping and feet tapping for hours. “Something In The Water” is me putting my feet back into the larger-than-life pond of girl pop groups, and if there are bangers like Boys World’s latest single, I need to hear more. One thing is for sure, this is an amazing Summer hit, and I can’t wait to get it stuck in my head constantly and annoy my wife while singing it badly out loud in the middle of a store.

If you’d like to constantly listen to Boys World’s latest single, “Something In The Water,” as well, you can stream it on any of your favorite streaming services. Also, if you’d like to keep up with all things Boys World, I suggest keeping tabs on their official website, where you can find links to future tour dates and their many social accounts.

Brandon Flores

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