Single artwork for Sophie Powers' new single "1 Thing" featuring Kellin Quinn

Sophie Powers Partners With Kellin Quinn For New Single “1 Thing”

Lightning rod pop-rocker Sophie Powers has partnered with the always eccentric frontman of Sleeping With Sirens, Kellin Quinn, for her new powerhouse single, “1 Thing.” An electrifying pop-rock masterpiece for the newer generation of pop-rockers. It’s exciting, truthful, and filled with catchy melodies and hooks that will keep you smashing that replay button.

When talking about “1 Thing,” Sophie Powers explained, “sometimes you just need 1 thing or person to get through everything else.” Continuing, she shared, “as someone with mental health struggles, my mom was that 1 person, and music was that 1 thing for me. The song has a fast-paced rhythm and is meant to portray melodically and lyrically how I feel during a panic/anxiety attack. It’s not until the chorus, when my mom or my favorite playlist is there, that I feel comfortable. That 1 real thing is really all I, and I’m sure many kids my age need in a time where things like social media, friendships, the internet, and more are unreal.”

A sentiment I completely understand all too well. I can remember being 16 years old, and the 1 thing that got me through my continuous downs was blink-182. Music is a strong tool that can make you feel stronger than you might feel at that moment. It’s fantastic to see a new face grab onto those concepts for a whole new group of listeners. Plus, I’m already singing the very infectious chorus over and over.

On the Kellin Quinn side of things, the SWS vocalist shared, “I had a blast writing with Sophie Powers. I think she’s an amazing talent, a powerhouse! I hope you enjoy the song we did together!”

Can’t get enough of Sophie Powers? Why not give her debut single “Lonely Army” a spin and follow her many adventures via her TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

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