Still from rlyblonde's "spiltmilk" music video.

rlyblonde Showcases Artistic Flair In “Spiltmilk” Music Video

rlyblonde showcases her artistic flair by releasing her new single, "Spiltmilk," and accompanying self-directed music video.

Brooklyn-based indie-pop artist Carina Allen, otherwise known as rlyblonde, is back again with her new single, “Spiltmilk.” The second single off her upcoming debut EP, following her smash release, “Fantasy.”

Alongside the release of her new single, rlyblonde has also dropped a new self-directed music video for “Spiltmilk” via her new creative production company, HOT CREATIVE. The music video for “Spiltmilk” is fun, cheeky and adds to the overall charm rlyblonde’s new single brings to the genre.

On her new single, rlyblonde states, “I’ve always been quite sensitive, even though I put on a tough face most of the time. For a long period of my life, I felt like I was always one parking ticket away from a mental breakdown. Plus, living in New York City is pretty relentless. Everything is expensive, and you’re exhausted every day just from walking around. Writing “Spiltmilk” also let me laugh at myself in a way that was really comforting. Now when I’m having a bad day, I’ll text my friends, “It’s a spiltmilk type of day,” and we just get it. It’s okay to cry, but also… you’re gonna be fine.”

“Spiltmilk” is indeed a fun track that I’ll most likely keep on rotation for quite some time. I’m already looking forward to what else rlyblonde has in store for her upcoming debut EP.

If you’d like to celebrate the new release with rlyblonde and happen to be in New York City today, April 28, the indie-pop artist will perform at Arlene’s Grocery. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

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