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Stellar – “Stranger” Review: Dark Pop On The Rise

Brooding pop artist Stellar dropped his latest single, "Stranger," a few months ago. But is it worth a listen? Find out in our review.

Taking over the LA music scene with his brand of brooding pop, Stellar, following up a string of quality and fan-raved singles, dropped his most recent release, “Stranger,” a few months ago, and this release has been blowing up like wildfire.

But is “Stranger” enough to keep the energy and hype behind Stellar going? Or is Stellar’s latest single the beginning of the end for such a bright star in the pop world? Let’s find out.

“I fell in love with someone/I don’t know anymore,” “Stranger” is a relatable blast from the past, tackling themes of missed love and the ultimate one that got away. A subtle musical experience that grabs intrigue quickly with the slow-burn instrumentation and hypnotic vocal delivery.

Straight to the point, “Stranger” manages to accomplish in a little over two minutes what other artists in the dark pop scene fail to achieve in multiple five-minute ballads. The short song form factor has me raving about Stellar’s latest single; the track is short, sweet, and filled with emotional atmosphere that anyone can relate to.

Keeping with the ultimate flow between his previous singles, “Stranger” stands out as the king of the mountain, flashing its emotional qualities that keep its flame flickering in the night. Whereas a song like “I’m Still Young” is a big theme anthem and “Masquerade” is a reflective look at oneself, “Stranger” takes the approach of missed memories and lost love, building an attachment quickly between listener and narrative.

Stellar brings a fresh approach to the dark pop world with “Stranger,” which should see the track translated perfectly in a live setting, evolving with each new performance as the track takes hold of the mind, transporting listeners into the complex stairwell mind of Stellar.

With a single like “Stranger” coming together with the rest of Stellar’s impressive catalog of sound, there is very little room for an artist like Stellar to burn up in the sun, instead striving for darkness in the shadows, knocking down goal after goal with ease. The hype fueling Stellar is the real deal and should keep this brooding pop artist floating to a successful takeover of the mind.

If you can’t get enough of Stellar’s latest single, “Stranger,” you can also check out the music video for the track and keep the emotional times flowing while we all wait patiently for the release of his next single, “Cold Outside.”

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