Artwork for Rachel Rochner's latest single, "Sucker Punch."

Rachel Bochner – “Sucker Punch” Review: Revenge Is Sweet

Rachel Bochner is transforming the pop music scene with the release of her latest single, "Sucker Punch."

New York is on fire thanks to the fiery touch of Rachel Bochner. The aspiring pop artist’s latest single, “Sucker Punch,” turns heads as the singer-songwriter takes on the dark twists and turns of life and transforms her experiences into a new musical addiction.

But is “Sucker Punch” lightning in a bottle? Or is Rachel Bochner’s upcoming debut EP ready to inject the pop scene with some realism, and this is just the first move? Let’s find out.

Rachel Bochner turns life’s various roadways into sensational pop tunes for any listener of the genre hoping for a spark of darkness, and her latest effort, “Sucker Punch,” is no exception. “Sucker Punch” is catchy, full of life, and has already been stuck in my head for about a week as I sing its infectious lyrics aloud at the suspicion of those around me.

The slow-paced burn of “Sucker Punch” sets itself apart from the pack as its intimate buildup is enough to find itself on an infinite playlist. The instrumental hums backdropped behind Rachel’s incredible vocal delivery are soothing to the senses that I’m impatient for more.

“Sucker Punch” is Rachel making 2023 her year. Her sound will quickly become the soundtrack for many as life throws obstacles their way that will indeed find their way into the next emotionally reflective masterpiece Rachel is penning away at.

Simply put, “Sucker Punch” is a moody revenge anthem that’ll carry on to be one of the more memorable somber-pop tracks to be released this year. Listeners should be singing along for a good while until the next candy-hazed drop because I know I still am.

If you’re itching for even more of Rachel Bochner’s truthful storytelling, I highly encourage checking out her other sensational tunes as we all wait for the release of her debut EP later this year.

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