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Sueco – “Paralyzed” Review: Genre-Bending At Its Finest

Following his drop-dead, straight-fire, and captivating single “SOS” featuring Travis Barker, genre-bender Sueco is back with an even bigger banger of a track; “Paralyzed.” The instant TikTok hit has taken the interwebs by storm, creating earworm after earworm, creating a flow of zombies singing each row of lyrics within just a few quick listens. Under Sueco, it would appear EMO is on the up-rise.

But, is Sueco’s latest single just a blink, and you’ll miss it moment? Or, is this rejuvenated punk kid ready to take the next step into the spotlight? Let’s find out.

The Review

An INSTANT song of the year contender. “Paralyzed” shoves the modern EMO scene back into the spotlight with crazy ease and precision, force-morphing the familiar genre with Sueco’s brand of trap beats in wonderful, genre-bending fashion. It’s crazy how much I’ve had this track on repeat since its release. Pop-punk and EMO haven’t sounded this good together in a hot minute. Genre barriers are finally breaking, and it’s songs like “Paralyzed” that we have to thank for that.

What’s even crazier than me having this song on repeat for almost hours at a time is just how much I ended up replaying Sueco’s simple TikTok tease as well. Listeners are in for a treat with “Paralyzed.” Sueco’s latest hit is fast-paced, erratic in nature, and encapsulates the feeling of ripping a band-aid off a deep cut.

“Paralyzed” is a desperate love affair with emotional urgency bubbling to the surface masked behind hard-hitting instrumentals and vocal melodies that will have listeners coming back for more instantly.

“You’re a time bomb ticking away/Thirty seconds ’til you blow up right in my face,” lyrics that are all too relatable for many, including myself. “Paralyzed” displays front and center the exact feelings one feels while living within a toxic relationship that can’t be quit. “Suicide love, take me out if you have to.” Seriously, these lyrics are all too real and have me on edge for more. Simply put, “Paralyzed” is a crazy good track.

Wrapping Up

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Sueco, an artist I never heard of before running into his tease of this very single on social media, is certainly creating something special, and more importantly, REAL. “Paralyzed” is the type of track I would have shown my friends in a heartbeat back in high school, and here I am years later, doing that same thing. Within its deep-cut lyrics and blood-pumping instrumentals, “Paralyzed” had me feeling some way, and I’m eagerly waiting to hear what’s next.

If you’d like to keep up with all things Sueco, make sure to head on over to his official website and interact with him via his various social accounts.

Brandon Flores

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