Still from Tribe Friday's "Swimsuit" music video.

Tribe Friday Drops Smashing Music Video For “Swimsuit”

Tribe Friday dropped a thought-provoking new music video for their latest single, "Swimsuit."

Tribe Friday is smashing through the dull Thursday haze with the release of their new music video for their latest single, “Swimsuit,” adding a thought-provoking visual to the track’s hard-hitting themes.

While explaining the premise and themes of their new music video, Tribe Friday shared, “this video expands on some of the themes in the song – survivor’s guilt, unhealthy relationships, addiction – that sort of thing. I love the way Benjamin, Klara, and Carl interpreted these ideas and made them come to life.”

Tribe Friday’s new music video perfectly brings their hard-hitting themes to life in an easily digestible way while not losing the substance and emotional gut-punch that a track like “Swimsuit” brings to the table.

“Swimsuit” will feature on Tribe Friday’s upcoming sophomore album, Hemma.

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Brandon Flores

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