modernlove.'s "Take Me Far Away" music video

modernlove. Unleashes New Single “Take Me Far Away”

"Take Me Far Away" has been unleashed! The latest single by modernlove. will keep listeners tuned into their emotions as they escape alongside the band's brand of indie-pop goodness.

Growing a worldwide fanbase isn’t something easy unless you’re modernlove. Creating larger-than-life indie-pop anthems like; “Liquorice” or “Follow You,” these indie-pop rockers know how to manipulate emotion as if it was a child’s toy, and their new single, “Take Me Far Away,” is no exception.

“Take Me Far Away” is described as modernlove. being hurled into “bittersweet, arena-scale melodic punk without compromising their future-pop infectiousness and international ambition.” A fair description that doesn’t delve into the dark shadows that follow “Take Me Far Away” that sends chills down spines or the way listeners will be left wide-eyed.

With an accompanying music video shot by Liam Desroy and Joey Arnold, modernlove. is thrown around for a spin on the never-forgiving wheel of life as they search within, matching the overall single’s electrifying personality.

The name of the song is sort of a dead giveaway for its subject matter. It’s about dealing with mental health struggles while also being stuck in the repetitive monotony of small-town life. It’s a feeling I think everyone can relate to especially after COVID. Every aspect of the song is just us venting our frustrations from the lyrical content to the aggresive distortion of the guitar and bass. Hopefully people can take some comfort in knowing that they are not alone in feeling trapped in their own heads and there are always ways to feel better and escape.


Formed by four childhood friends, modernlove. continues to impress with each new song they release into the nether.

The band is set to play their first European shows in October, which are completely sold out! These shows will be fun and filled with emotional energy, and we can’t wait to see them state-side taking on the gritty and unforgiving Southern California music scene someday.

We’re going to keep “Take Me Far Away” spinning all week as the track’s melodrama-filled tinge is too good.

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