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Jin – “The Astronaut” Review: A Dream-filled See You Later

BTS' Jin has partnered with pop-rock icons Coldplay to release his highly anticipated single, "The Astronaut." Check out our review of the dream-filled solo release.

BTS’ Jin is heading into military service with a bang, leaving fans a dream-filled see you later in the form of his new solo release, “The Astronaut.” Co-writing the track with the members of the iconic pop-rock band Coldplay, “The Astronaut,” marks the band’s second time working with members of k-pop group BTS.

When we spoke about you having to leave for a while and missing the band and your fans, it was really powerful. I think the song found its way because of that conversation.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin in a text to BTS’ Jin on the inspiration behind, “The Astronaut.”

So, does Jin’s new solo release, “The Astronaut,” manage to come off as a nice farewell for fans while he’s gone? Let’s find out.

“When I’m with you/there is no one else.” The emotional weight of “The Astronaut” is heartbreaking, and the track’s chorus will have listeners in tears the moment Jin’s haunting vocal melodies spring to life with the sensational instrumentals provided by Coldplay.

The powerful themes presented throughout the track’s tear-worthy chorus are filled with sadness and happiness. Instrumentally, “The Astronaut” is bass-heavy, sending a wave of vibrations to the spine while spiraling around a soundscape of synth beats, emotionally-charged guitar riffs, and heartbeat drum timing.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin provides backing vocals for the track, creating a perfect blend of pop-rock familiarity and the unknown as Jin showcases his vocal mastery in a whirlwind of spectacle and a longing for the slow embrace of the universe.

“The Astronaut” is the perfect example of a song created by sadness becoming a sight for happiness. Listeners should have zero issues relating to the pop-rock-rich musical experience as they quickly learn the song lyric by lyric. This one is special.

A track filled with gut punch after gut punch, “The Astronaut” manages to pull off the impossible. Saying goodbye to what you love the most. A statement from pop-punk band AS IT IS’ Patty Walters comes to mind while replaying “The Astronaut” on loop; “This isn’t goodbye, this is see you later.”

Jin’s “The Astronaut” is emotional, memorable and adequately conveys the power of music for both artist and listener. I’m not crying; you’re crying! Jin leaves his fans with a hopeful message for tomorrow in the form of a song that has quickly become a favorite.

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