Single artwork for Alonso Madero's debut single "The Cure"

Alonso Madero – “The Cure” Review: Familiar Never Sounded So Sweet

Punk hopeful Alonso Madero has released his debut single, "The Cure." But is his debut release worth checking out? Or is it just the same old thing?

Alonso Madero. Ever heard of him? No? Me either. But that might change if Alonso’s familiar, punk-filled guitar riffs have anything to say about it! Debuting his latest single, “The Cure,” Alonso hopes to ignite a career in the music industry after a few years of building hot rods since moving to the United States from Costa Rica.

But is Alonso’s debut single enough to build momentum to catapult him to the punk gods above and get the groundwork going for a growing fan base? Or, will he get burned for flying too close to the sun? Let’s find out.

The Review

Right away, Alonso Madero wastes zero time grasping attention with heavy guitar riffs, alluring vocal melodies, and a simplicity that tends to be overshadowed in today’s punk world. Though highly reminiscent of punk groups Rise Against and Billy Talent, Alonso doesn’t stay locked into these reminiscing qualities for long as he quickly makes the overly simple soundscape his playground creating a pleasing four-minute experience.

Though a bit rough sounding at times, “The Cure” shows true promise for Alonso’s musical future as with growth, this should also elevate Alonso’s production “cooking” time to truly put together a track that is pure shine mixed with the always fun punk grit elements. “The Cure” is fun, simple, and might be what someone needs to hear to get them going through the day.

With lyrics such as; “You cut through the darkness/You remove the sadness” and “I’ve been looking for your broken soul/I’ve been lost for so long,” Alonso showcases he knows how to write from personal experience with ease, creating a single he should be proud of and a single I suspect many will fall in love with over time.

Wrapping Up

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One thing is for sure; if Alonso Madero keeps putting out tracks like “The Cure” and continues to hone his skills, he certainly has the makings of an unstoppable force. “The Cure” is your typical, good-time, relatable punk track that will have listeners hitting replay a handful of times before they start to sing along themselves, quickly giving rent-free space to the debut single.

If you enjoyed Alonso Madero’s debut single “The Cure,” then you’re in luck as the punk hopeful has informed me that his subsequent single “Introspection” should be coming your way soon. If you’d like to keep tabs on Alonso’s musical journey, make sure to check out his Instagram page, where he’ll keep everyone up to date on his future releases.

Brandon Flores

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