Amanda Nolan – “Till The Water’s Clear” – Review

Amanda Nolan is entering the spotlight once more, this time with her latest single “Till The Water’s Clear.” An emotional and relatable tune that Amanda Nolan describes as being her favorite to perform stating, “it is a song that is so special and emotional to me.” Which is all fine and dandy, everyone enjoys a good cry every so often. I’ve been a fan of Amanda since her 2016 release, All Mine, and am always excited to see a younger musician building themselves from the bottom.

But, does “Till The Water’s Clear” convey these emotional overtures correctly? Or, like today’s pop genre, is it filled with false senses of despair and hope? Let’s find out.

The Review

Instrumentally, “Till The Water’s Clear” is the weakest Amanda Nolan song I’ve heard. Don’t get me wrong, there are parts that are amazing, I love the combination of Amanda’s outstanding vocals and the all too subtle strokes of the piano’s keys. But, it’s everything else that gets lost in translation and actually manages to clash against Amanda’s voice rather than helping it reach higher peaks. If stripped back just a bit, instrumentally this would be a kicker of a tune. As they say, less is more.

“Till The Water’s Clear” is a beautifully structured song, and its raw personality has me excited to hear what Amanda has up her sleeve for future releases. Its the fusion of Amanda’s clear innocence and musical whimsicalness that paints the potential for her to write relatable tracks for all ages. But, I can’t help but feel she’s holding back just a little. I’d love to see the type of music a fierce and unleashed Amanda Nolan could create under the right amount of emotional pressure.

Amanda Nolan’s voice; the shining star of “Till The Water’s Clear.” Anyone can write the next great emo-pop anthem, but Amanda takes those steps even further thanks to her strong, innocent, and siren-esque vocals. It’s these vocals and her beautifully written words that help lift her new single to its full potential, and not leave it adrift in the sea.

That Ending Though

It’s always a delight hearing new music from Amanda Nolan, as her music is clean from corporate meddling, telling her to be the next generic pop star, it’s Amanda’s strong-willed mentality that will see her taking the pop throne sooner rather than later, and “Till The Water’s Clear” is just the next piece of her growing puzzle.

If you’d like to listen to Amanda Nolan’s new single “Till The Water’s Clear” for yourself, you can find it on about every major streaming service. Also, if you’d like a little bit more Amanda Nolan in your life, check out her YouTube channel where she might just cover a song that you request. I’d love to see her take on something out of her genre, maybe Escape The Fate’s “Let Me Be” perhaps?

Brandon Flores

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