Single artwork for Sleeptalk's latest single, "Ultra Normal."

Sleeptalk – “Ultra Normal” Review: A Fun, Danceable Summer Vibe

SoCal-based music makers Sleeptalk take listeners on a trip with their latest single, "Ultra Normal." But, should you give it a listen? Let's find out.

Funnily enough, I don’t tend to review many bands from Southern California, which is crazy since we’re based out here. West Coast Best Coast and all that fun stuff. But, this up-and-coming outfit out of Los Angeles calling themselves Sleeptalk released a little tune called “Ultra Normal” recently, and I just had to talk crap about it. I mean, a song about taking psychedelics with a loved one at Coachella is just so cliche at this point. Like, come on, give me something original to work with…

All jokes aside, Sleeptalk released their latest single, “Ultra Normal,” around the end of August, and thanks to Instagram, it’s been stuck in my head all week. But is “Ultra Normal” enough to get listeners interested? Or, are Sleeptalk doomed before they even truly get a chance to fly? Let’s find out.

The Review

“Your touch is the only thing that gets me high,” do I need to even say anything else? “Ultra Normal” is a fun, danceable, and just a straight Summer vibes style of song that will keep listeners hooked for multiple repeat listens as they dance their way through the hallways of their homes. Just like myself.

Sleeptalk’s latest single is a bit quirky, a shade of indie and pop-punk that is different enough to hold attention spans without much issue. I suspect listeners will have the track’s catchy yet straight-to-the-point chorus, “I want to feel this way again/Don’t want to be ultra normal/Just ultra normal,” planted into the inner workings of their psyche with complete ease of tension.

Instrumentally, “Ultra Normal” takes your usual power-pop style formula and flips it flat on its head to create a sound that’s uniquely Sleeptalk, mixing groovy guitar riffs with drum beats that will get the blood pumping and heart rates rising.

Purely a fun time. So, thanks, Instagram algorithm, for showing me this one. Much appreciated.

Wrapping Up

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So, do I think Sleeptalk has what it takes not to be burned by the sun as they fly over? Absolutely! Their fate, unlike Icarus, is to shine, and I predict pretty brightly at that. If Sleeptalk has more danceable hits like “Ultra Normal,” it might be enough to set them ahead of the pack in a genre that’s quickly garnering attention. As “Ultra Normal” is a part two style affair, I’m looking forward to hearing “Dripping Colors,” the start of the band’s psychedelic adventure, in the not too far future.

If you’d like to check out what Sleeptalk is currently up to, I suggest keeps tabs with them via Instagram or Facebook. Or, you can also check out their official website every so often.

Brandon Flores

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