Artwork for LUKA's new single, "Until Then."

LUKA – “Until Then” Review: A Beautiful Mental Health Showcase

Singer-songwriter LUKA is back with her new single, "Until Then." A beautiful mental health showcase.

Following the support of her sophomore EP, Come To My Senses, emotive singer-songwriter LUKA is back with her latest single, “Until Then.” Described as a love song that showcases mental health struggles, LUKA also shares that “Until Then” is “about the feeling of wanting to give everything to somebody to make them happy, but struggling yourself.”

So, how does LUKA’s latest release manage to convey the emotions being put on display? Let’s find out.

The dreary shadows that took over my heart while listening to “Until Then” on constant repeat both broke my heart all over again as well as brought me a sense of serenity I haven’t felt since the long summer days of 2005 and my teenage obsession with Death Cab for Cutie.

What LUKA manages to extract emotionally from listeners will be beautiful and maddening as “Until Then” proves to be a portrait of beautiful pain—a misty-eyed journey through the mental struggles that comes with each longing touch of love. “I would give you my heart/if I thought that it would help/But if it doesn’t work for me/Why would it work for someone else.” These cascading lyrics broke me more than I’d like to admit in the most beautiful of ways.

“Until Then” is somber perfection wrapped around the stunning melodies LUKA brings to the table, partnered amazingly with the subtle yet aching plucks of the guitar and buzzing of the bass that genuinely brings her latest single to extraordinary new heights, leaving me touched beyond belief and quickly becoming the best song I’ve heard in 2023 so far.

LUKA manages to tame the storm of inner emotions in a beautifully memorable way that should easily transition “Until Then” into a fast favorite among the masses. The approach of the many ways mental health within relationships can take a toll on ourselves has yet to be explored in a better way. I’ll most likely find myself escaping to the safe walls of “Until Then” as the year continues.

“Until Then” is a must-listen experience that will leave many transformed and a little closer in tune with our inner emotions.

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