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3OH!3 – “Vampire’s Diet” Review: It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Single artwork for 3OH!3's new single "Vampire's Diet"

3OH!3 are back with their latest single, “Vampire’s Diet,” taken from their upcoming album NEED. The first full studio album from the eccentric duo in 5 years, expected to be released later this summer.

Helping the duo get their view of modern lifestyles in the digital age front and center is The Used frontman, Bert McCracken. “Vampire’s Diet” is a fun, overall catchy tune that’s sure to be stuck in your head the minute you let it in. But is the rave-ready tune all that it’s cracked up to be? Let’s find out.

The Review

“Vampire’s Diet” is a danceaholic’s wet dream. From the upbeat and mellow tempo, 3OH!3 is here to be fun, dazzling, and just a little cynical. The duo’s brand of sound is enough to carry the least experienced dancefloor maniacs into the spotlight. Lyrically, 3OH!3 plays it a bit on the safe side while exploring the inner workings of our modern society and at times the always “watching” banhammer of internet viewpoints, “our death will be a live stream/emoji broken hearts,” while also penning my favorite line, “while the world outside my door is sharpening their stake.”

“Vampire’s Diet” does a phenomenal job at making my inner paranoia freak smile, tied up with a bow made of explosive melodies and sing-along choruses. Vocalist Sean Foreman brings the fire, whereas Bert McCracken brings the ice. Both vocalists do an amazing job of bringing the track’s bigger picture into the frame just long enough to keep listeners hitting replay over and over again.

3OH!3’s latest tune is bound to be a hit once admitted to a live setting filled with fans as they sing back every lyric. Calling “Vampire’s Diet” a simple hit wouldn’t be doing it justice. I see this one keeping a grasp on the dancefloor for years to come. It’s simple, fun, and flashy. The perfect track to keep you entertained long enough to keep dancing.

Wrapping Up

I’ve never been the hugest of fans when it came to the music released by 3OH!3. But that was also so many years ago, and I can safely say I don’t think I ever gave them a fair shot until now. But, thanks to “Vampire’s Diet,” I’m a lot more intrigued to go back and explore the depths of their back catalog in preparation for their upcoming album.

“Vampire’s Diet” is a no-brainer style of track. Is it fun? Yes. Is it going to win any awards? Probably not. Am I going to have it on constant repeat? Oh, you know I am. I’m looking forward to a full summer of me singing these lyrics very annoyingly everywhere I go.

Interested in keeping up with everything 3OH!3? Head on over to their official website, where you can find all of their social connections.

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