Still from Yours Truly's music video for their new single "Walk Over My Grave"

Yours Truly Unleash New Single “Walk Over My Grave,” Music Video

Australian pop-punk icons Yours Truly have unleashed their first taste of new music with their new single, “Walk Over My Grave.” The band’s latest release finds them playing around with the idea of a person haunting you and whether or not you’re also haunting them as well.

It’s certainly a fun and fantastical theme for a pop-punk track, and when talking about the new single vocalist Mikaila Delgado shared, “I shiver a lot, and when I’d shiver this person would say ‘someone must be walking over your grave,’ and that was just a thought that kept coming back to me after we weren’t close anymore. I shivered one day as I was driving, and I remember pulling over and writing lyrics. I was wondering, did anything I ever said stick with them? Were they thinking about me too?”

Alongside the alurring and fast-paced new single came a full-blown, gritty, and metaphor-filled music video that further helped the band get their anguish across to the other side perfectly.

On the music video itself, Mikaila Delgado went on to say, “it’s exactly how I pictured it in my head. I always imagined it to be set in “hell,” along the lines of the idea that sometimes you can be stuck in your own head that feels like a hell you can’t escape.”

“I had the idea of using red velvet throughout it because it’s got a very uncomfortable, dark looking vibe to it. I wanted to purvey the mood that I was carrying through uncomfortable imagery like the fabrics and set pieces, body movements, and contorted camera angles.”

We’ll have our traditional track-by-track review of Yours Truly’s new single, “Walk Over My Grave,” out within the next few weeks and can’t wait to give you all of our thoughts on this exciting song. If you’d like to listen to, even more, Yours Truly, you can stream their latest release, Self Care, on your favorite streaming platform now.

Also, if you’d like to keep up with everything Yours Truly are up to, make sure to give their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram a visit.

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