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MARIS – “Was It A Dream?” Review: Playful Dreamscape Of Sound

MARIS is back with her latest single, "Was It A Dream?" A dreamscape of sound looking to take listeners on a journey. But how good is MARIS' new single? Find out in our review.

Coming off the release of her heavy hitter single, “Heavenly Bodies,” back in September and tour announcement, MARIS is showing no signs of stopping, instead opting to signal alien life with the release of her latest tune, “Was It A Dream?”

But does MARIS’ latest single have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the genre’s up-and-coming hopefuls currently shooting for the stars? Or is her latest single, “Was It A Dream?” simply that; a dream? Let’s find out.

“Was It A Dream?” is a playful dreamscape of sound, waiting to take listeners on a journey of self-discovery and love for the unknown. “I wanna believe we were more than just pretend” is just a small sample of the intense lyrical quality listeners will find on MARIS’ latest single; a tale of a broken love, being left on the hook for feelings you still have.

MARIS’ latest single is relatable and showcases her mastery of storytelling, turning an idea based on extraterrestrial life into a playground for the heart to skip beats and let pain fill the void that gives way to hope in the darkness. A narrative powerhouse in the making, MARIS quickly reveals her masterclass abilities to the world.

Aside from being a track filled with emotionally charged energy, “Was It A Dream?” is fun and displays easily danceable qualities that will have listeners dancing around as they quickly learn MARIS’ infectious and easy-to-learn lyrics—creating a one-person party among the flashing lights of the night sky.

Proving to be an impressive companion piece to “Heavenly Bodies,” MARIS shows hints of genre-bending throughout “Was It A Dream?” further showing the young music maker in a league all her own. A song filled with life and emotion that can only overperform in a live setting. Listeners are sure to have this one on repeat.

MARIS’ latest single is exceptional, otherworldly and further shows the strengths of being different in the overall pop genre. “Was It A Dream?” is a top-five music experience that quickly showered my senses with emotional weight, relatable themes, and lyrics I can’t get out of my head. I’m already on edge for what’s next.

If you’d like to experience MARIS’ mind-tingling tracks in a live setting, pick up your tickets for Anna of the North’s upcoming North American leg of her 2023 tour, as MARIS will be supporting.

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