water district take off your clothes single review

Review: Water District – “Take Off Your Clothes”

Water District? Yeah, I hate those guys. All of them, all three of them suck. Musical abominations, that’s what they are. All joking aside, this Los Angeles based new-era pop rock band might have what you need when it comes to new-wave pop punk, light emo, and indie pop all rolled into one. I don’t know much about these guys, minus the fact that they appear to have tons of energy and the determination to reach the top. Which should be enough right?

Well, Water District continues their crawl to the top with the release of their latest single, “Take Off Your Clothes,” but can it escape the fate of just being compared to songs one could find listening to the early years of 5 Seconds of Summer, Simple Plan, etc.? Let’s find out.

The Review

Mixing the fast paced reality of old school pop punk with the latest cliche and fun-filled antics is how I would describe Water District’s latest single “Take Off Your Clothes,” if I was talking to someone who had no idea who these three Los Angeles based musicians were.

Water District present this new indie pop track with a fun outlook that will certainly fulfill your needs for a good pop punk style song that doesn’t take itself too seriously, as well as managing to not rely heavily on outdated tactics and tired melody cues. For the most part, it’s plain fun.

“Take Off Your Clothes” doesn’t try too hard to impress, and that’s half of the song’s charm. It’s a good radio friendly tune that would most likely garner Water District their fair share of interest among new listeners. Especially, in an atmosphere where indie pop and pop punk are seen to be taking a more heavy approach, stripping back both genres use of “fun.”

Instrumentally, it’s one of my favorite songs of the month, as once again the main riff is simply fun and straight to the point. Enough to keep you hitting repeat for a few hours to pass the time. That’s also before you consider the great and silky smooth instrumentation provided by both Erik Williams and Ryan Scottie as well, who pair perfectly with front man Tice Griffin.

Lyrically however, I much prefer what can be found on the band’s more notable “Dream With Your Eyes Open.” But, that’s most likely due to the fact that I’m constantly looking for that lyrical substance boost like a cheap junkie.

As a simple fun song, “Take Off Your Clothes” does deliver lyrically, just not compared to the band’s other work. However, when combined with the band’s fiery instrumentals Water District’s latest single creates a unique experience that has me stuck here wanting more, anticipating their next release, which I hope is sooner rather than later.

That Ending Though

If you’re just looking for a nitty-gritty, straight to the point outlook at “Take Off Your Clothes,” it’s that Water District is a fun band, that can be serious when needed, but these guys have way too much energy to keep it bottled up to just that aspect of the genre, and “Take Off Your Clothes” showcases that perfectly. Trust me, you’ll be listening to it all day.

If you’d like to check out “Take Off Your Clothes” for yourself, you can stream it right now pretty much anywhere music can be streamed. Also, as being someone that doesn’t live too far from Los Angeles, I’m looking forward to checking out Water District in a live setting soon.

Brandon Flores

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