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We The Kings – “When We Were Young” Review: They Still Got It

We The Kings are back with their high-energy new single, "When We Were Young." But is it simply too late for these pop-punkers? Find out in our review.

Before hitting the stage at the Las Vegas-based music festival When We Were Young later this month, Florida pop-punk band, We The Kings have teamed up with Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade to release their latest single. A fall-hype anthem called “When We Were Young.”

But, are We The Kings just reminiscing about the good old days of their youth? Or do these energy-filled shakers and movers still have the moves to light up a crowd with their new music? Let’s find out.

“Let’s spend the summer on the road just drivin’/screamin’ the words to every song we sung when we were young.” All you’ll need to know about We The Kings’ latest single, “When We Were Young,” described in as few lyrics as possible.

“When We Were Young” is filled with high-energy goodness that’ll get hearts beating, feet dancing, and kids bumping shoulder-to-shoulder. This new single is We The Kings at the top of their game and fits right in with their previously released EP, SAGA.

Featuring Mayday Parade’s Derek Sanders is just the icing on an already delicious pop-punk-themed birthday cake. The vocal work on “When We Were Young” is top-notch and pairs perfectly with the track’s fast-paced instrumentation to get knotted in memory that’ll have listeners singing non-stop.

“When We Were Young” is pure summer fun. Youthful themes of better tomorrows, making memories with friends that’ll last a lifetime. This single has it all. Packaged in a nice three-minute runtime.

From the single’s production to its relatable lyrics, “When We Were Young” is the direction I hope We The Kings continues to explore as it’s not only revisiting what had the limelight shining upon them, but there’s so much more to say that I want to hear from these five talented music makers that fit perfectly within the confines of sound presented in their latest single.

Want to experience the full energy of a We The Kings live show? If you’re in the Sarasota area in Florida, you can still register for tickets to the band’s upcoming free hometown show. Otherwise, throw your W’s up in the Las Vegas desert if you’re heading out to the When We Were Young music festival.

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