Never Loved Release “Where Do I Go From Here?” Music Video

Following the release of their debut self-titled EP, alternative rockers Never Loved are back with a new single titled, “Where Do I Go From Here?” Accompanying their brand new single is an out of this world music video that will question your own sanity.

While speaking about “Where Do I Go From Here?” frontman Camm Knopp stated, “this song centers around a question I often ask myself: “Ok, what now?” When I wrote this song, I was in the waiting phase of the hurry up and wait game that’s a part of life. Sometimes life moves at a crazy pace and everything feels like it’s on track. Then there are times I find myself waiting around wondering what’s next, ultimately becoming bored and a little anxious as time goes on.”

While listening to Never Loved’s new single, I can totally feel the message of “why is this taking so long” that Camm Knopp describes. I also have to agree, it’s a horrible anxiety booster. The energetic frontman also had a bit of a life lesson to share, “the lesson I’ve grown to learn is that there will always be these phases in life. The key is to embrace the downtime, make the most of every situation, and most importantly, to just take a deep breath and trust the process.”

“Where Do I Go From Here?” is an amazing tune, and has me excited for what’s to come. But, if you haven’t listened to their debut EP yet, you can find it on all major streaming services. Also, head on over to Never Loved’s official website to check out tour dates, you’re in for a treat if you do.

Brandon Flores

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