“11:59” – EXNATIONS – Review

The experimental sad-pop trio, EXNATIONS simply couldn’t come into the year 2020 without making some noise, could they? After the successful release of their sophomore EP, Pink Haze, fans around the world clamored for more from this sad-induced pop band and the wait certainly wasn’t too long. Bringing their sad vibes into 2020 with the release of their new song, “11:59.”

But, was the new decade prepared for the truth that “11:59” was about to bestow upon it? Or, are EXNATIONS’ emotional overtures best left in the past? Let’s find out.

The Review

“You barely held on this year,” a lyric that will strike you down while helping set the tone and quality of EXNATIONS’ latest effort, “11:59.” Like pure poetry being spoken in dreamscape, the lyrical quality you’ll find within “11:59” has no match, no competition, and showcases that this truth-telling trio has so much more to say than the casual sweet nothings of yesteryear.

Stripping back their depressive overtures, EXNATIONS marches forward with hope for the future, “yeah, I’ve been cut down but I’m not done,” a lyrical cue that has the potential to resonate with anyone that manages to come across this masterpiece of sound.

Vocalist Sal Mastrocola’s haunting vocals will fill your ear-waves with vocal integrity that escapes today’s musical prison of “same old, same old,” all while Taylor Hughes and John O’Neill create a playground of pure imagination, setting up an ’80s-esque powerhouse of sound that further helps catapult “11:59” to new heights. A brand new spectrum of passion and sound.

One thing is for sure, “11:59” is just the beginning.

That Ending Though

EXNATIONS continues to prove why the world needs their brand of sad-pop, their sound of the truth. You’ll find no bandaids when you press play on an EXNATIONS tune, and “11:59” continues this amazing trend of treating their listeners like actual adults. No sugar-coated bullshit. Just an amazing time with a sound pure of thought, despair, and a small sprinkle of light at the end of the tunnel. I’m looking forward to more EXNATIONS in the years to come.

If you’re interested in keeping up with everything within the EXNATIONS sphere of sound, head on over to the band’s official website where you can also find their many social links.

Brandon Flores

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