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EXNATIONS - 'Pink Haze' - Review

Sad-pop indie three-piece EXNATIONS are bringing a haze of the pink variety across your summer, with the release of their sophomore EP Pink Haze. Having grabbed my interest months ago with the release of lead single “Tether,” EXNATIONS have been a regular on my many Spotify playlists, leading me to quickly begin singing their songs out loud in front of everybody. It’s such a sad…
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EXNATIONS - "Tether" - Review

Have you ever heard of sad-pop? Neither have I. But, it’s the genre a New York based three piece called EXNATIONS have decided to call home. The self-proclaimed sad-pop act have recently released a new single titled, “Tether,” which is lifted from their…
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EXNATIONS Release New Song "Tether"

Sad-pop act EXNATIONS recently released their latest song “Tether,” (via All Things Go) which is off their newly announced sophomore EP, Pink Haze, which will see its release on June 28. Being tossed around as an EP that is filled with hazy, dream-like attributes…