EXNATIONS Embrace The ’80s With “John Hughes Movie Soundtrack” Music Video

Sad-pop crazy heads EXNATIONS have decided to go full-blown ’80s romantic comedy with their new music video for “John Hughes Movie Soundtrack.” Premiering earlier today via Substream Magazine, the band’s essential love letter to famed director John Hughes seemed like a no brainer for their next music video, and they held back none of the ’80s nostalgic punches in their arsenal.

Partnering with talented dancer Zoe Allocco and directer Erin Bagwell, EXNATIONS took to the rainy streets of Brooklyn to capture the perfect vibes of the track in a flurry of dance and dead-eye color. Continuing their love for John Hughes, the band also took it upon themselves to include a few not so subtle dance move homages that pay off in the end with nothing but smiling faces to be showcased.

EXNATIONS continues to impress, and their new music video just continues their uphill trolly ride to stardom. Now, if only they would grace the fine people of California with a show. I’m just saying. Either way, if you’d like to bring the calming wavelength tones of “John Hughes Movie Soundtrack” with you everywhere you go, make sure to check out the band’s latest EP, Pink Haze via any of your favorite streaming services.

Brandon Flores

Brandon Flores is editor-in-chief and a writer at Blast out your Stereo. He has been covering the music industry since 2011. He covers a wide variety of bands and artists from those just starting to those who already have a hold on the limelight. If you're looking for an unbiased opinion, then look no further.

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