“Love in the Time of Quarantine” – EXNATIONS – Review

To quote the band’s press release, “while we’re all stuck inside, we might as well dance,” is exactly what you’ll be doing if you jump into EXNATIONS’ latest affair, “Love in the Time of Quarantine.” The sad-pop trio’s newest entry into the year 2020, following their no-sugar coated theme, “11:59.”

I’ll be straight-to-the-point with this one; the song is pretty damn good. But, on what level of “good” does “Love in the Time of Quarantine” fit into when you take into account the rest of the band’s growing catalog of sound? Let’s find out.

The Review

As I and the band themselves stated at the start, as soon as you click “play” on “Love in the Time of Quarantine,” you’re going to find it hard to keep to your seat, and will be dancing around your surroundings rather quickly. I’ve had this track for a few weeks while putting together this review, and there was not one time that I didn’t find myself dancing, singing, or banging around on my invisible drums. EXNATIONS’ new song is that damn infectious.

Instrumentally, if you’re familiar with EXNATIONS’ work thus far, “Love in the Time of Quarantine” is a mad-dash continuation of those sounds basked in the light of positive vibes, solar anomalies, and is the perfect song to keep you safe at home dancing along with each passing note.

Lyrically, EXNATIONS’ newest ditty explores a smidge out of the band’s usual sad-pop level of despair. Instead, choosing to include hopeful and positive color notes, which helps “Love in the Time of Quarantine” truly stand out when compared to some of the band’s other hard-hitting tunes, which tend to skew towards their sad-pop cream of the crop. Trust me, you’ll be singing; “We get high, we get low. We’ve got nowhere else to go” and before you know it, it’ll be stuck in your head.

“Love in the Time of Quarantine” is like getting a present from your best friend. It’s a song that’s both comforting and soothing, something we all need in these crazy times.

That Ending Though

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EXNATIONS just never seems to stop creating amazing songs that can easily fit into any moment of time, and “Love in the Time of Quarantine” is far from an exception to that notion. A phenomenal track that keeps things simple, sweet, and danceable. A song that I can’t wait to hear live, once we’re allowed to do such things. So, in the meantime, I’ll simply be waiting another day in this room.

If you haven’t had quite enough of EXNATIONS in your day just yet, you should also check out the band’s official website where you can find all of their fun-filled social accounts. Also, why not check out the band’s pretty dope visualizer for “Love in the Time of Quarantine” while you’re at it.

Brandon Flores

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