Wildwood Kin Release Beautiful New Song “Beauty In Your Brokenness”

Alternative-rock trio Wildwood Kin is back with yet another new song from their upcoming self-titled album titled, “Beauty In Your Brokenness.” Inspired by the Japanese artform Kintsugi, “Beauty In Your Brokenness” is described as being a song that inspires listeners to find the beauty in their own broken pieces. A wonderful metaphor, and a song I can already see many resonating with, including myself.

Alongside the release of their new song, Wildwood Kin has released a beautifully simplistic lyric video that manages to further showcase the beauty of the track’s own simplicity.

“Beauty In Your Brokenness”

“Beauty In Your Brokenness” joins previously released single, “Never Alone,” in what might be my favorite sound and band I’ve heard this year. “Beauty In Your Brokenness” itself is a wonderful piece of art that will have listeners smiling for the rest of the day. It’s somber tones, relatable subject matter and flying melodies throughout are all marvelous.

Wildwood Kin’s latest single is available on all major streaming services right now, so go outside and give this beautiful song a spin. Once again, Wildwood Kin will release their debut self-titled album on October 4 via Silvertone Records and Sony.

Brandon Flores

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