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Amelia Wray – “Disappear” Review: Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Amelia Wray's latest single, "Disappear," is heartbreakingly beautiful. But is it just a one-and-done experience? Find out in our review.

Actress Amelia Wray recently released her much anticipated sophomore single, “Disappear,” a song taking on the themes of unrequited love and the mental gymnastics that come with going through that level of emotional give and take.

As promised when Amelia Wray dropped the fantastically simplistic lyric video for “Disappear” a few weeks ago, I have taken the time to jump into her latest single in more depth to find out if it’s as great after a first listen or if it’s simply a one and done experience. Let’s find out.

The straight-to-the-point answer, “Disappear,” is easily one of my favorite songs from an emerging pop artist this year. What Amelia Wray manages to accomplish in fewer than four minutes is heartbreakingly beautiful and has me excited for her next release.

Instrumentally, “Disappear” follows many formulaic pop traits but fuels the tension between Amelia Wray’s vocal delivery perfectly to create a vibrant and thought-provoking soundscape. A beautiful rainbow-hued in blacks and greys.

Amelia Wray’s second single is relatable and should have listeners reminiscing about their own unrequited love stories. Even now, at thirty years old, I can pinpoint the exact moments in my youth where the emotions Amelia Wray is singing about come into play. A single that transcends age limits and utilizes the raw emotions of love to create a catchy playground of sound is perfect.

“Disappear” is primed to be a fantastic song in a live setting and should only offer a strong backbone for future songs planned for Amelia Wray’s upcoming untitled EP. If this young artist can continue to hit it out of the park on an emotional level, then she’s in for pop stardom, rising quickly.

Amelia Wray’s second single is a game-changer for her musical interests and has the young artist poised for greatness. “Disappear” takes the dark themes of unrequited love and shares that pain with a younger audience while not treating that audience with kid gloves. Amelia Wray and her team of producers and co-writers should take the momentum of “Disappear” and run with it, hopefully not dropping the ball along the way.

Also, “it’s too bad I can’t delete you from my dreams” has to be one of my favorite lyrics this year. I won’t be surprised to see “Disappear” on my Spotify Wrapped playlist later this year.

Amelia Wray is working on her yet-to-be-titled EP, so if you want more from this talented artist, you’ll soon be getting the next piece of the puzzle sooner rather than later.

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