Single artwork for dreamfone's latest single, "drunk & venting."

dreamfone – “drunk & venting” Review: Leaving Broken Hearts At The Bar

LA-based duo dreamfone is bringing back mid-2000s pop-punk with their debut single, "drunk & venting." Should you give it a listen? Let's find out.

Los Angeles-based duo dreamfone is bringing mid-2000s pop-punk back to your ears with the release of their debut single, “drunk & venting.” A melodic, fuck all tune that’s bound to be a hit among skater punks and all of us rejects out here in the world. “drunk & venting” is a great song to have on while you drift through the lonely, brightened streets of the Sunset Strip with the night sky up above and stars twinkling back at you.

But, are dreamfone just living the past in the present? Or, do musicians Richie and Reece Alan have what it takes to grasp the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood underworld of sound to come out better artists? Let’s find out.

The Review

These strings of lyrics alone make dreamfone’s debut single, “drunk & venting,” worth giving a listen; “Falling in the arms of my guaranteed anxiety/It should’ve been us against the world/But there’s too many casualties.” Tracks that take their listeners for a ride through emotional pain are almost always winners in my book, and “drunk & venting” is clearly a top runner in that department. From the duo’s broken and anxiety-riddled lyrics to the distinct anguish showcased through the single’s melodies. Like ghost stories on a full moonlit night in the deep corners of one’s mind.

Instrumentally, “drunk & venting” plays it a tad safe, which ends up working in the duo’s favor. The sounds of pain track through ear canals and beats of broken hearts circles create a forever-lasting soundscape that I predict will sound amazing in a live performance setting. Just hearing concert goers sing back, “It should be us/It should’ve been us/And how I wish it was” is going to be worth the price of a ticket.

“drunk & venting” is a track I’ll have on repeat for months to come, and probably even longer. It’s a nostalgia trip that’s unique in execution. A broken tale of love and broken dreams that will have listeners coming back for more, tugging at heartstrings with ease as listeners delve deeper into the meanings behind the words being sung in a tragic and heartfelt fashion—a good time wrapped in regret.

Wrapping Up

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dreamfone is certainly harnessing the power of overflowing emotion to create something special. If this LA-based duo has more heartbreaking bangers like “drunk & venting,” you can already count me in as a lifelong fan. I already have the lyrics to this track ingrained deep inside of my brain, just waiting to come out during a random singing out loud at the grocery store session. I suspect many will feel the same way.

It’s funny, I mentioned before in my review of Sleeptalk’s “Ultra Normal,” I don’t tend to review many SoCal-based bands even though I live here, which I’m starting to think I might be missing out on an amazing music scene that’s pretty much untouched. With acts like Sleeptalk and dreamfone, SoCal has some great magic happening here once again.

If you’d like to keep up with everything dreamfone has coming up in the near future, check out their official website, where you will find links to all of their social media presences. In which you can actively annoy this duo to all ends of the earth.

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