Fletcher Releases Heartbreaking “If You’re Gonna Lie”

After weeks of teasing the “prequel to “Undrunk”” pop heart-breaker Fletcher has released her new song titled, “If You’re Gonna Lie.” Following her own heartbreaking chronicles, Fletcher’s new track is raw to the bone, speaks of pain, sings of sorrow, and bluntly showcases the true feelings one feels after coming to find out someone they’ve given their all to has cheated their trust and the ramifications that comes with it.

Accompanying the release of “If You’re Gonna Lie” is a wonderful visual aid that paints the limelight of the track. Directed by Emil Nava and Grace Pickering, the accompanied visualizer is a beautiful art piece that helps tell the story behind “If You’re Gonna Lie,” something I heard of while at an amazing Fletcher performance. The visualizer is as heartbreaking as the story Fletcher told the crowd, which is both great and upsetting to see.

As I said with the release of “Undrunk,” 2019 is the year of Fletcher, and we’re all going to be heart-broken and wasted by the end of it. A fun ride is still a fun ride right? Even if you’re crying. If you’d like to check out my in-depth feelings on “If You’re Gonna Lie,” you can check out my full review.

Brandon Flores

Brandon Flores is editor-in-chief and a writer at Blast out your Stereo. He has been covering the music industry since 2011. He covers a wide variety of bands and artists from those just starting to those who already have a hold on the limelight. If you're looking for an unbiased opinion, then look no further.

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