Fletcher – “If You’re Gonna Lie” – Review

Fletcher is back with her own brand of emo pop in the form of new song, “If You’re Gonna Lie.” Scribed as the prequel to hit song “Undrunk,” this queen of the lost and wasted truly knows how to get someone to sob and explore their inner feelings. As I stated in my review of “Undrunk” earlier this year, my first time being exposed to “If You’re Gonna Lie” was during a live setting, where we got a tale of a fragile heart from Fletcher herself who dove head first into the track’s heartbreaking backstory.

But, as I did in my review of “Undrunk,” does “If You’re Gonna Lie” live up to its live counterpart? Or, is Fletcher slowly losing herself in the studio versus the raw emotions that the song brings to the table? Let’s find out.

The Review

Right off the bat, “If You’re Gonna Lie” provides an amazing balance between Fletcher’s heart-wrenching emotions and teary-eyed instrumentals that truly carry the song to better tomorrows. Instrumentally, the track is incredibly subtle, almost to the point where I’d love to see Fletcher release an acoustic version of the track just to hit us even more in the heart.

But, just because the track’s instrumentals are as subtle as can be, doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. In this case the track’s subtle use of instrumentals provide more of a building up mechanic for the song’s final “if you’re gonna lie, at least do it in my bed,” which pays off beautifully.

Lyrically, this is Fletcher at her prime. “If You’re Gonna Lie” is beautifully written, tragic down to its core, and simply as relatable as can be. Fletcher perfectly captures the feeling of being cheated on in the span of three minutes, and those three minutes were filled to the brim with tears. “I kind of like it when you hurt me,” a staple lyric from the track is also the realest lyric I’ve seen from any of Fletcher’s songs so far.

Fletcher herself sounded wonderful during the track’s three minute run time, and let me just say, this track isn’t some “only sounds good because of studio magic” type of thing, how you hear Fletcher during this song, is how you’ll hear her in a live setting. A real voice, a strong voice, and a voice you’ll never forget. When combined with everything I’ve already stated, I’ll say “If You’re Gonna Lie” will be stuck in your head for a good while.

That Ending Though

Fletcher continues to be the real deal in an industry that doesn’t even know what it wants to be anymore. Coming off the high that was “Undrunk,” I honestly didn’t think any other Fletcher song would hit me the same way, but “If You’re Gonna Lie” is its own broken-hearted beast and I’m now even more excited to see what she brings to the table as the year continues on.

If you’d like to check out “If You’re Gonna Lie” for yourself, you can find it on any of the popular streaming services right now. Alternatively, you can also check out the amazing visualizer Fletcher and directors Emil Nava and Grace Pickering put together for the track. Also, if you’d like to catch Fletcher in a live setting, you can possibly catch her in a city near you, all you have to do is check out her tour dates.

Brandon Flores

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