Still from Matt Rosa's lyric video for Half Asleep

Matt Rosa Delves Deep For New Single “Half Asleep”

Matt Rosa delves deep for his new single, "Half Asleep." Letting listeners into his mind and his anxieties.

Matt Rosa is back at it again with the dope tracks. This time around, the up-and-coming alternative artist takes us into the inner workings of his mind with “Half Asleep.” A somber tell-all that combines a definite pop-punk melody with heart-dropping hip-hop beats providing a beautiful backdrop. Matt’s new single comes on the heels of his previous, catchy as all hell masterpiece, “Times Have Changed.”

Things are shaping up for Matt Rosa’s music career as he continues to pair with Ace Enders, who produced both “Half Asleep” and “Times Have Changed.” I’m actively looking forward to more as 2021 rolls on.

When talking about the lyrics featured throughout “Half Asleep,” Matt Rosa shares that “‘Half Asleep’ is the personification of anxiety as someone you wake up to on a day to day basis.” And on his music career in general, he shares, “I believe I sacrificed my dream of music so I could do it on a much larger scale in the future. I’m so grateful to be back.”

If you’d like to find out more about Matt Rosa and all the things he gets up to, make sure to follow him on Instagram.

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